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  • TBH I don't think FI knew in advance and this was probably an oversight.

    One of the reasons why they all betting sites have disclaimers about using 3rd party software in their terms and conditions.

  • Great response.

    Shows they are paying attention and trying their best to do a good job.

    Props where it's due.

  • Sooo what they're saying is that it could happen again, possibly very soon?

  • Looks like they are making it up as they go along. The drive for volume not allowing the operations people to keep up.

  • So the changes are based on international squad lists? Which would make sense of the change for Kimmich, as he often plays in midfield for Germany.

    But does that mean it will revert back to club lists come the end of sumner.

    All very odd.

  • That's what the market seem to think. And it would make sense. All though you can't really guarantee that because you'd expect opta to make changes to positions come the end of the season anyway.

  • We have to ride these blips, FI is still in its infancy and learning. Not the best when alot of money is involved but patience is key, all will bounce back!! "Automatically"being the key word in their statement. Not a lot they could of done I guess but they can do now they know the upset its caused,maybe as a growing company opta will notify them in advance in future if its brought to their attention. Simple fix for next time 👍

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