ole gunner

  • Is he seriously after Sessegnon, James and Longstaff. its a joke right, must be

  • @kaka8

    Was thinking the same, hardly players that are gunna help towards bringing back the glory days

  • @GregT14
    I just look at his face and think hes an idiot. Im a Liverpool fan but I've bought a lot of players here who should be linked with man utd and he is fucking it up

  • If we sign Longstaff, and Angel Gomes goes to Psg or Barca, then we could be in a spot of bother. Hope this is all bollocks.

  • @kaka8 Ronaldo Vieira next!

    Ole is smart. Bring in kids that will give it their everything.

  • Not a Man U expert,but to a certain degree would understand if they decided to go down the younger player route.
    They have spent an absolute fortune on "big names"..lukaku,sanchez,pogba..etc and lets face it,,it hasn't worked.
    Plus it would give the whole club time if fans could see there was a change in statergy.

  • @kaka8

    Out of his depth. Plus doesn’t help having Woodward as the man behind the transfers. He must be skating on thin ice.

    They need to go out and get the best director of football going.

  • @kaka8 Sessengon/James would provide competition for Martial and maybe give him the kick he needs. Longstaff would bolster the midfield if they sell Pogba/Herrera/Mata/Matic, i wouldn't expect that to be the only midfield purchase though.

    All of these transfers will 100% happen ;)

  • @Dan-The-Man

    I understand that, Man Utd’s all about bringing through the youth. But buying young players doesn’t mean they are gunna have the passion for the club that the kids who’ve been there since they were 10 do. Rashfords been there since a pup and even him in the last few months has looked completely uninterested

  • Don't worry lads, Ole's at the wheel! Unfortunately he never got his drivers license. I find it hilarious, that club seems to use nostalgia as fuel.

  • @stumac85 said in ole gunner:

    Don't worry lads, Ole's at the wheel! Unfortunately he never got his drivers license. I find it hilarious, that club seems to use nostalgia as fuel.

    Yea we must be a laughing stock - sick of hearing ‘the United way’ - move with the times!

  • It doesn't make sense bringing in youngsters from outside to fight for the shirt. What about Greenwood, Chong and Garner?

  • When I look a youngsters I like to see who they are learning from,
    eg Messi and Ronaldinho
    Who did Ronaldo learn from at old trafford?
    and Becks and Giggs (maybe Cantona or did they push each other)?
    or was it just the United staff?

  • I don’t believe the longstaff rumour for 1 second, firstly he’s injured and not just a thigh muscle it’s a serious injury. United are being linked with every decent young player out there. Godfrey, James, rice and now sessengon. Sessengon I can understand, he showed what he has in the championship and scored goals for fun. Longstaff had a few decent games before getting injured. If I was ole he needs too sign players who show a desire. I’d be after jota who I think is a brilliant talent and the way he chases the ball down reminds me of a Portuguese tevez 🤣 Harry Maguire in, jota in and some raw talent down the wing who’s not afraid too take someone on and who can cross a ball. Wing backs also, get shaw out the fat cone.

  • I think the press are just speculating...

    They have just heard OGS say Utd never used to buy the finished article etc, etc & are linking us with every young British player they can.

    Daniel James?? Sean Longstaff? Behave....

    I wouldn't mind Sessegnon - anyone is better than Luke Shaw

  • Isn’t longstaff a very similar player/age/quality as Mctominay who’s already there?

  • Makes no sense its like there pourin oot drivvlee before the good stories! If I was ole I'd take alaba at left kane up top (I miss championship manager!!) oh an eriksen for good measure mite hold twa three in a couple. Football managers arite I suppose

  • @GregT14

    To some people, being at Man Utd is the absolute dream. People who have been there 15 years are at risk of taking it for granted.

    New broom sweeps clean.

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