Media Buzz broken?

  • I'm not sure this is what FI had when they announced 'media madness'.

    VJ and Lucas Moura are currently sat in 3rd and 4th in the MB rankings.

    If I click on VJ on desktop, I can see that he only has 100 points. Screenshot below showing my quick maths:


    When I click on Lucas Moura, I can see he only has 60 points:


    But in the media rankings, they're on 370 and 330 respectively:


    I've also noticed if I try and click on either of these on the android app...the app crashes, so there is something a bit broken with these 2 at the moment. Basically, if you have a player in the MB running, it might be worth keeping an eye on as you could be getting done out of a payment tonight.

    I'm sure FI will make good any payments retrospectively, but all in all not a great day for FI.

  • Another observation - both VJ and Lucas Moura have duplicated news articles. Fabinho is also mentioned in the duplicates and when I find him on the app and click on him, the app crashes.

    I feel like applying for a job in FI tech support.

  • Looks like it’s sorted now.

    Just gonna go and sign up to the local food bank now my VJ dividends aren’t coming in.

    Cheers guys 👍

  • haha its been corrected, bit gutted as i have some vj and none of the top 3 atm

  • Seriously though it ain't good enough!

  • That was quick.

    I might start another thread saying my balance is showing up incorrectly. It says I currently have £0.20 but I'm sure it should actually be £200,000.

  • Yea it was a really quick fix to be fair especially on a Friday night - hopefully we continue to see fast response times to obvious bugs

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