Has everyone calmed down now 😂

  • So yesterday was a bit shitty for most traders I assume with volatility and unexpected changes

    I hold hazard and was not best pleased but it’s says in the t/c’s regarding changes etc

    The worst thing people can do is spread panic and rumours (they done it on purpose)

    Everyone needs to remember it’s a market if things can go up so quickly they can drop just as quick

    I’m personally down 1.5% from yesterday alone this wasn’t helped by everyone panicking that some huge cliff edge was approaching, I’ve been on here 9 months now and learnt to not react I know it’s hard but got to be calm

    That’s my 2 pence anyway

    Enjoy the final today 🙌🙌

  • I find it embarrassing tbh, traders seem to feel FI owe them a continual stream of profit, it's stipulated in the regulations that positional reclassification is beyond their control and still you have people saying "It's a disgrace" etc etc.
    Like you say, it's a market with ups and downs..try investing in any company stock for a period of time and see how unstable the price is.

  • The fact that they have the right to reclassify positions is generally not being disputed. The main aggravation for me and many others was the lack of warning. When FI make other major changes, like share splits, changes to dividends, promotions we are forewarned, but we were not on this occasion. FI have even come out and say they will try to handle it better in the future, so it would seem they agree.

    I agree the general panic this created was surprising and people insinuating it was a devious plan from FI are massively overacting. It just seemed to be an oversight on FI's behalf (and some people don't even see it as an oversight). As a still relatively new company this will happen and I am pleased they have acknowledged the anguish this has caused some investors.

    But to answer the original question, yes I have calmed down lol

  • Footie down around 100 points, which isn't great but isn't the meltdown predicted.

    I think we can blame all those point losses on certain forum and twitter users creating panic to benefit themselves and inexperienced users thinking it was the end of days.

    Shall we just make it a habit of down voting comments that are needlessly trying to create panic when it's not there?

  • @Wiillaah I know we are all quick to post 🚀 and how much we are making and then when we loose money all our toys come out the pram

    Some people on here are so negative I feel sorry for their outlook on life as must be pretty depressive

    We all have good days and bad days

  • @Weggers83 it only affected 15 ish players I think just happened 2 were big names

    I dont see anyone moaning that coman went up 10p

    Glad you’ve calmed down and seen the light lol

  • The overreaction by some people was ridiculous. Everyone says patience is key and then as soon as something big happens that advice seems to go out the window.

    I think there should be more transparency over what influences a reclassification so people can plan ahead.
    And i think a forewarning of the date that reclassifications happens would mean people aren't left in the lurch and unlucky.... although in reality it'll make the overreaction and price drop bigger but at least it stops people from complaining.

    Although Kimmich is a genuine three year hold with over 100% roi in the last year who will rise again and anyway his drop should be negligible if you've diversified your port.

    In an ideal world though people would be ranked in the position they play on that day. So if messi plays as midfielder one weekend (might happen) he would be classified as a midfielder for that game. This would make it fair and would make his drop more steady as he's slowly phased into midfield like Rooney was.

    Ultimately I don't think Fi had any knowledge this was happening so its a bit unlucky for them tbh to get this much abuse.

    Today is a new day. Let's move on. Fi are actually getting better.

  • I imagine those that lost out are for obvious reasons the most vocal. My portfolio went down 0.5% at around lunchtime and then recovered by the end of the day - nothing unusual really. I dipped more the previous day from Brandt deciding Germany is for him after all, than from any affect of reclassifications.

  • Well said EMBO90 and Willaah. It is embarrassing that traders think FI owe them continual profits and they spread panic when there's the slightest blip. The panic then makes things worse!!!

  • Panic and impatient was the key to yesterday’s doom. 😂 The blind leading the blind came to mind unfortunately. I’m also down on certain players but needed to stay cool 😎

    Agree FI could of given us the heads up but I think they have also learnt from the cock up. Turns out the position change is only likely to be for international period. Let’s hope the players are reversed back to their normal positions before the new season. I’m chilled 😊

  • @EMBO90 At one point yesterday 157 of the top 200 were down. I know not all were affected by positional change but that was a lot of negativity in the market.

  • @Gregolocky2018 was I the only one buying yesterday? Sounds like everyone was Sell Sell Sell 😜

  • @Failtips There was definitely people buying hence some rebound in the market for most players. You definitely were going against the curve though 😂

  • @Gregolocky2018 yeah I see that everything was dropping

    I think people just jump the gun to quick and think the whole thing is going to crash (it’s not there a millions and millions of pounds tied up in it)

    The main fallers where the top 10 which is always the case when the panic button is pressed

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