Players changing back to original position this morning...

  • Seen this happen, anyone have a complete list?

  • There have been a few ive seen - Guedes, Roberto are 2 ive spotted that have gone back

  • @MrWh1te it's in "reclassification" thread👍

  • @Dan-w
    That is the changes from yesterday.

    Some got changed back this morning to what they were before yesterdays changes.

  • @MrWh1te ah right. Cheers for that, I wasnt aware, have been researching to that list this morning so I will hold fire now!👍

  • Jesus Christ 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • link text

    Indexgain stuck this list on Twitter.

    alt text

  • Not affected myself BUT some big players are...v poor

  • It seems the majority of players have returned to their previous positions. This makes me very suspicious of FI.
    Why would opta change back the positions before the players had played for their national team as was suggested was the reasoning for the change in the first place?
    FI come out with a statement saying they are working on better transparency with regards player repositioning.
    FI also claim to have no involvement in the changes due to using a third party for stats ( opta ). After these last few days I don’t believe that for one second.
    Finally, I’m enjoying the FI platform very much and I’m in plenty of profit even if I IS everything in the morning ( I won’t ).
    But I’m losing trust in FI and I believe they are manipulating the market at times to line their pockets.

  • @Gregolocky2018 people selling 1 day buyin bak in the next comish comish comish!! Hard not too think that at times

  • @Gregolocky2018 I doubt that could happen as they are regulated by the gambling commission and doubt they'd risk their license for some quick commission money.

    More than likely it was a cockup somewhere, either at FI picking up some bad OPTA info or someone at OPTA applied the changes wrongly then had to roll them back.

    Presumably anyone who has access to the OPTA datasets would be able to quickly prove this one way or the other but I think you need to pay for access.

  • I think people should be (the ones who lost out through re classification for of players ) should approach FI and request compensation for what has happened over the weekend. Have they not learned anything over the last few years? Communication is the key to keeping us all happy.

  • @Dobby but they didnt force everyone to sell?

  • Very true, but my point is that they changed the positions of the players without communication effectively changing the type of share that is owned. This platform is similar to shares on the stock market. If any changes are made on the stock market then it can’t be done without an announcement. What’s worse is some of the players position have reverted back to their original positions as if FI made a mistake and just not admitted to the ramifications of their actions.

  • @Dobby I know that but by all accounts it was by opta and not them direct. It's in there terms and conditions so they are covered. Effectively it's a bet and not shares so either way they are covered.

  • Ok one more point. There now appears to be alot of people upset by these instant changes to players positions and now feel that confidence in the platform is at its lowest due to the volatility of market over the weekend which many feel could have been managed better by the FI management.

  • I've a theory that could be total crap. But I believe last summer the world cup counted for PB. So maybe FI switched to OPTA's international data at season's end last year.

    Perhaps they just forgot to flip a switch, amend a contract or something to prevent that happening again this summer.

  • Been away for weekend and just come back to this position change mayhem. So are they back to previous positions now? Ie Kimmich as defender, Coman as mf etc. . Or will they change back?

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