Malcom’s possible move

  • With griezman looking all but a Barcelona player surly this pushes Malcom even further down the pecking order.
    With only 5 starts in the league this year surly this guy is to be sold or put out on loan..
    Looks cheap at £1.18 I think.
    Anyone else have any thoughts??
    I do hold ( bought this morning)

  • @Ben5129 tin hat on lad 🤣

    For the record though, I do hold and I agree. Think hea a great buy. Surely will have lots of interest as looks unlikely to break in at barca under the current manager.

  • He isn't getting a game anyway been a bit of disaster for him, Spurs were linked in the past I’m sure that will resurface.

  • Arsenal if anywhere surely. And if Fred got to £2.60 last season I can’t see why Malcom can’t if he goes premier league. Can see him getting abit of mb as well when it becomes top 5.

  • Surprised by his price movements... Seems everyone waiting for the links to appear... Which becomes a rat race. Surely no one sees him staying?

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