Moses Simon

  • Did anybody else watch the Levante v Atletico Madrid game ?? I know Levante dropped a 2-0 lead but nobody really needed to win today, going through the emotions game.
    Anyway Moses Simon, Levante's number 7 that came on in the 2nd half looked really good, weaving and waving his way through the Atletico defence with ease, I quickly paused the game to do a little research.
    Nigerian 1st team so great for African nations this summer, he's scored 5 goals in 22 games for his country which is pretty good for a winger and considering most of those games were probably at a young age , 23 years old, currently 24p and a 1p spread with IS, very low risk so I took a punt.
    Go and check him out 😁

  • @Andy-M hi Andy, I bought him ages ago and but he never took off so sold up and moved on. He was linked with liverpool about 12 months ago and then signed for levante I think on loan. I think he looks a good player but hasn't worked out for him. He is mega cheap and one that could potentially take off but another one that could end up with money stagnating.

  • @Stevo I don't mind money stagnating with that price mate, one great game or a transfer link will see his price absolutely fly.

  • I watched it and he looked very good.. nice pace. He had an injury, he is young.. ill be keeping an eye on his value for next season

  • Saw him live about 4 years ago playing against Hull City for Trencin in the Europa Cup (yes we were in the Europa Cup).

    He stood out as their class player. To be fair he's the only player of theirs I've any memory of.

    I think he's probably playing at his level but he had the sort of game where he could have an absolute stormer. So could easily see him having a nice rise on the back of one of those.

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