Football index style comp anyone?

  • Hi, would love to run some football index inspired competitions for money. I have some suggestions on how they would run but open to other people’s ideas. One of
    The competition I had in mind was a dividends driven dream team, so pick a team of 11 football index players 1 gk 4 defs 3 mids and 3 fwds. For each dividends they win in the time scale of say a year wins you points to they amount (x player in your team wins the media dividend on a treble pb day wins you 2 points) the team with the most points at the end of the year wins the pot.
    We could mix it up by only allowing 2 players from each pb qualifying league in your team. So 2 players from the prem 2 players from Spain etc. Then 1 from a non qualifying pb league.
    Any thoughts? Would anyone be interested?

  • I'd be interested definitely, sounds like a great idea!
    However I'd suggest ranking it by yield, this makes it more interesting with more skill involved and you'll get a greater range of players.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I thought about this but won’t this leave it open to manipulation?

  • If a date is set you could do the yield from the price on that date.
    I doubt people would sell their stock just to get a better yield.
    Even if they did everyone would see that players drop and put him in their team.

  • @LuaLua
    But that team would be locked at the start date.
    Also I was thinking what if someone say put a 50p player in their team, then a soon as the competition started bought 5000 of that player. It would benefit the rich where as dividends cannot be manipulated.

  • Yeh I'm talking about divs as well.
    When i say yield i mean percentage yield from divs.
    So if pogba wins 3p that is only a tiny percent of his price.
    If joe allen wins 3p thats already like ten percent of his price.

    Basically at the beginning of the season you write down the players you want in your team. List their price at that time.
    Then At the end of the year you add up how many divs theyve won.
    Then calculate the yield from the original price listed at the beginning of the season.

    Capital appreciation has nothing to do with it. So no manipulation. If joe allen rises to £9 at the end of the year it doesn't matter. Divs will still be calculated against original price listed.

    That's my suggestion anyway.

  • Sounds like a great idea. I’d be up for it fella.

  • Count me in

  • @LuaLua
    Yes I’m with you now.
    Like this suggestion.
    I think June 1st would be a good starting date for this. Instead of paying 1st and 2nd I would pay 1st for most dividends on pence won & 1st on best yield which will give points based on percentages to player price on June 1st. Half the pot for each winner (but someone could win both)
    Want to run more competitions based on fi but this is a good starter.
    What stake are people willing to put in? I would probably do anything up to £100.

  • Anyone else interested?

  • Join (Football Index Competitions) on Facebook if any one is interested. Will be working on it today to get some Competitions up

  • time zone should be a full season rather than a year and maybe instead of picking a XI how about a five a side 1 player from each top league 1xGK 1 or2 def 1 mid 1 or 2 forwards ?????? plus what would the entry fee be and how would it be handled???

  • @ScousePilgrim
    Time zone would be a season.
    However thinking about doing 5 a side comps for next season that will last a month. So your idea will not be dismissed just think that for a season team it should be a XI
    Decided to do a World Cup for next season which sounds far more exciting to me after some brain storming. Will start another thread with full rules.
    I will state how it is handled on this thread.
    Join football index competitions on Facebook if you are interested.

    Suggest your competitions on the group or on here and I will be happy to run them for you if enough people are interested in the competition

  • I'd definitely be interested .

  • @Kaned-again
    Join the Facebook group!

  • @PeteZac sent

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