Nicola Zaniolo- Spurs 40 mil bid

  • Hi guys.. .wanted your thoughts on the 19 yr.. rated very highky but i havent seen him much tbh.. . I know he will rise now. .. should I jump on.. .

  • I do hold him and now wouldn’t be a bad time to invest. His dropped a bit over the last few days.

  • I hold and believe he has bottomed out at the moment so now is the time to jump on! I’m only going to keep topping up. Roma seem to be happy to sell their top players if the price is right.

  • He's the sort that will have a sudden price hike out of nowhere. Long term safety net with him too.

  • agree with all the above, ive just got a few hundred in him. i expect a big rise very soon. this lad has a big bright future

  • Don't quite understand Roma appointing ranieri.They probably have some of the most talented young players Iike under and zaniolo and especially Coric that they can build there team around.Appoint someone like Conti and I can see them improving.

  • This Zaniolo saga has been going on for seems like weeks now.
    I am sure I read that he wants to stay in Italy so not holding my breath on this one and I'd rather get on board once I know something concrete.
    Why hold and then suffer losses once he decides his future remains in Italy.
    Could be wrong and we all have to take that gamble but just can't see spurs going for him.
    Much rather they could snap up Zyech (doubtful) Ndombele (doubtful again) Brandt (again doubt he will leave Germany)

    As you can see I'm a pessimistic Spurs fan😉

  • @Gazz127 his current price isn't really loaded with transfer expectation tho. He was much more expensive earlier in season when he hit form. This is a young International scoring goals in Champs League with a lot of top sides interested. If the move doesn't go through he's still a good long term hold.

  • @Vespasian32 I do get what your saying and there is much to like about the player.

    A move to the PL will do wonders for his price and Poch should be the perfect manager to bring him on even more.

    Believe me I do hope that it happens.

  • @Vespasian32

    Totally agree. His value is on potential noy on transfer spec. Once he gets proper links to a move he will rise sharp as seen with others

  • He’s certainly going to be one of the next big risers over the coming weeks with more and more links. I’ve held for roughly 5 months expecting big things for him 💪🏻

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