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  • Here the scenario! Football Index decide for whatever reason to change the format of the site! A group of my mates are gonna attempt this and see how we get on. Thought it would be an interesting excercise in patience.

    1/ You are only allowed to own 11 Players.
    2/ You have to hold for a Year.
    3/ Divs remain as is on FI..
    4/ your 11 players should be made up of:
    1 X GK.
    4 X DEF.
    3 X MDF.
    3 X FWD.
    All as they are catagorised today!

    5/ Can be picked from either Squad, Top200 or both.
    6/ Must keep original selections for the year.( Except in circumstances in 7)
    7/ You can choose 4 players as subs which you can use only if any of your original team suffer an injury. You have to sell your injured player and use the proceeds to pay for your sub.
    8/ you have £1000 to spread across your selections buying any amount of shares per player but not exceeding £1000 in total for the team.

    What's your team?😁😁

    Just a bit of fun so no need to comment or justify your picks, but hyperthetically I would expect something like a 1st,2nd and 3rd prize bonus at the end of the year.

    My Team

    GK- Pickford
    DEF- Maguire
    DEF - VVD
    DEF - Alexander Arnold
    DEF - Skriniar
    MDF - Hazard
    MDF - Pulisic
    MDF - Kimmich
    FWD - Messi
    FWD - Kane
    FWD - Salah
    Subs - GK - Alisson
    DEF - Trippier
    MID - Thauvin
    FWD - Pepe

  • Gk - (1 share in cheapest pb league Gk... Tbc)

    Df - Laporte
    Df - Tah
    Df - Akanji
    Df - Guilbert

    Mf - El Ghazi
    Mf - Tilman
    Mf - Rabiot
    Mf - Zaniolo

    Fw - Isak
    Fw - Almiron

    Bellerin, Mount, Malcom

    Team picked for capital appreciation but some div earners in defence.

    I'll work out # shares and value later.

  • Please see (football Index Competitions thread anyone?)
    I have started a Facebook page where I’m willing to run competitions like this for money
    Let me know if your interested

  • @PeteZac I read yours... Good idea. I'm not gona get involved as I have a project in Norway in the near future so not going to monitor FI much. Changing my port to a derisked long game... So this style of game appeals more.

    Also as a scoring metric... Just dealing with "you have £1000...go and make it into X" is better than points/yield. Up to the player if they use divs or cap ap and yield doesn't matter since you all have the same budget.. Up to you which players you load up on etc

  • Join (Football Index Competitions) on Facebook if any one is interested. Will be working on it today to get some Competitions up

  • @PeteZac will have a look , at present my group are all local to eachother and have been toying with this Fantasy Football meets FI concept for a few months as we are all busy and don't want to have to monitor the Football Index as we have in the past. This is a set and run style of investment which we kind of did with FI originally and then seemed to get sucked into it.

    I am more than happy to post the idea up on the facebook page and see what interest there is. I dont know if £1000 is an ideal entry point but maybe £500 or even £250 but that can be ironed out if it gets off the ground. Do you just want me to post the rules up?

  • Yes I would like to see them

  • @PeteZac can't find the Facebook page can you post up a link please ! Rules are at the top of this thread !

  • @PeteZac just requested to join group😃

  • @Earshavewalls
    Ask your friends to join the group as well I would be happy to get involved and try to get more people involved as well!

  • @PeteZac I will do my best we are an old boys bunch so I will see if I can get them up to speed on Facebook ,it's taken me two years to get them up and running on FI.

  • @Earshavewalls
    Haha good luck with that. Be seeing on there in 2 years then yeah?

  • @PeteZac hopefully a bit sooner, still hopefully if our idea gets some interest we may get it kicked off for the new season ,if not the guys and I will just do it amongst ourselves.

  • I would be interested in maybe taking part although I'm not on Facebook so.....🤷🏽‍♂️

  • @Dan-w
    If the competition gets legs I will be shore to put it in the forum as well don’t worry

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