Alexander Isak

  • I know there is another thread on him somewhere but I just couldn’t find it, sorry. Just want to know what everyone’s opinion is of him as I’m looking to invest in him. I know he’s had such a good season out on loan do we expect him to be given a go at Dortmund or do we think he’ll get a move to another PB league? I noticed he’s been as high as £1.30+ and just wondering if it’s a good time to get on him now he’s only £1.17?

  • I sold up at 1.25 with my feeling being that he is unlikely to leave Dortmund and as such is in for a quiet summer. Plus his price had already gone up a lot. I felt the money might do better elsewhere at the moment but may look again if he starts to get in the Dortmund team.

  • I've been buying lots....hes gona be at a pb team most likely next year. One of the best young strikers around and has already seen interest from Chelsea and Barcelona.
    He may be in for a quiet summer but if you have a part of your portfolio for longer holds... Hed be a good edition to it. I'm sitting on 1000...if he stays below £1.50 I'll prob keep topping up when I can

  • Last time I saw Anderlecht had bid 9m euro for him...

  • @playingcards1 A few people have been saying this. Would be an upgrade of a move for him but obviously not good for his price on the index

  • @playingcards1 yeh I saw that but dismissed it.. Less than a month ago story was Madrid and Chelsea to battle it out.

    That story RE Anderlecht was about how he hasn't developed... But he's young and has devoped and been scoring for fun lately.

  • I personally see him as one of the best long term holds out there at the moment, he’s had a strong few months and believe he has justified his place to be fighting for a starting place back at Dortmund who traditionally are renowned for giving opportunities and developing youngsters. However, if they do decide to cash in/loan out again I believe there would be many PB teams that would be interested.

    I don’t believe the Anderlecht hype, think that would be a step back in his development. Similar to @Vespasian32 I will continue to top up where I can sub £1.50

  • I've held for a while, can't see him dropping any more. Only one way now.

  • @Chickenman said in Alexander Isak:

    I've held for a while, can't see him dropping any more. Only one way now.

    I hope you're right. He's in the red for me by -13p.

  • He will have another spike soon enough...he will keep having ups and downs until the punters know where his future lies, then it will settle. So opportunities will come to sell off, and to also buy in... the main day to act on will be any concrete news of what he is doing next season- if its a PB league then he will be fine...if not then a dip, but young enough to hold through that without having to sell. Jan window and next Summer will restart the cycle.

  • I think he's massively over rated, he's scored some goals in a poor league. I'd be surprised if he gets a decent run at Dortmund next season.

    I've been tempted to buy him because the Index seems to like him but the price has never been right when I've been looking. The there's little risk in him at the moment but I can't see any substantial rises in him again

  • My best bit of business. On at 64p in Feb, off early last month I think at £1.36. Not sure I'll go back in. Had massive belief at 64p, not quite so much now. Best of luck

  • I sold when he almost doubled what I'd paid for him.

    If you want to hold long term, then maybe. I think he will stay at Dortmund next season, but as a back-up. They have struggled up top, and used Gotze as a striker for most of the season. But Alcacer still got 18 goals even though he had a poor 2nd half of the season.

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