Football index competitions ( World Cup thread)

  • World Cup Competition!
    Bid for a country that you wish players from football index to represent your team from.
    If you win that bid for that country: pick a XI of players from that country to represent your team using a 4-3-3 formation.
    Example you bid on england and win you pick the following XI
    Gk Pickford
    Def maguire
    Def stones
    Def shaw
    Def tripper
    Mid sancho
    Mid ali
    Mid Maddison
    Fwd Kane
    Fwd Sterling
    Fwd Wilson
    Your team will win points based on your players winning pb next season.
    You will compete against teams who bid on Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Argentina and many more.
    How your team will score points:
    If for example Kane wins fwd pb on a single pb day by scoring 200 pb points your team will score 200. If it is a double pb day he will score 400 and a treble pb day will score you 600! So you need to pick a XI from you country that are good at pb!
    The team with the most points at the end of the season wins, competition will last a season.
    A better country will cost more to win on bid: for example Brazil, Argentina, France and Spain bids will start at £50 where as teams like Switzerland and Senegal bids will start at £10.
    Full country values will be posted soon.
    If you win a bid your XI will be accepted on payment.
    Monthly leaderboards will be posted on this forum and the Facebook group ( Football Index competitions)
    All the money raised from the bidding of teams will be the final pot in which will be paid 70% to first and 30% to second
    Half way through the season you will have the opportunity to change 3 players.
    Your players will ONLY score points if he wins pb that day.
    Payments can be made by PayPal or Facebook messenger. Winnings will be paid back to you the same way as you paid for your team.
    Join the group Football Index Competitions on Facebook or wait for team values on here.
    If less than 8 country’s sell for next season I will refund people their money and not run the competition.
    You ARE allowed to bid on more than 1 country
    Any questions ask away

  • Country’s prices:
    Brazil £50 Argentina £50 England £50 France £50 Spain £50 Germany £50
    Belgium £40 Italy £40
    Holland £30 Portugal £30
    Uruguay £20
    Switzerland £10 Sweden £10 Croatia £10 Ivory Coast £10 Serbia £10 Poland £10
    All other country’s £5
    The better team you have the more you pay but you will be more likely to win the pot.
    Have some fun with it, draw up some XIs for some country’s.
    Let me know if you are interested in a team and how you would like to pay for your team.
    You will be able to change your team as much as you like up until the start of next season. When it kicks of your team will be locked until half way through the season when you will get 3 transfers if you wish to use them.

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