Nicolo Barella

  • Any idea how this lads getting on in Italy? He scored 6 last season and has only scored one this time round.
    He was linked with man u and Liverpool 12 months ago and was seen as a great talent. He is still only 22 but its all gone quiet.
    He plays as an att mid so 1 goal seems below acceptable to me.

    Any thoughts from holders and non holders would be great, especially if you actually saw him play over a full 90 mins.

  • I had him a while but sold, a report from him stated he didn't want to leave Italy or else he would have been gone by now

  • Not seen much of him but still appears to be performing well. Plenty of premier league links. Was Man United a couple of weeks ago.

    Seems a pretty high probability that he moves this summer.

  • I still hold 120 shares. When asked about a move, he said the football in the PL was beautiful. I'm hoping that a club from the PL makes an offer.

  • I thought he was off to Inter, so stayed clear....

  • When asked about the Inter link last week, he said that he had no interest and wanted to play in England. I think he's a good hold and a great price to rise if a PL link comes back. Chelsea and United have seriously looked at him.

  • He lost pens. Not remotely the same for PB without them.

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