Portfolio - 20 players in 2022

  • I've really enjoyed this platform, best way to gamble but I do overthink things by trying to come up with a way to make a decent return and I realise there are so many different ways to do this so I've come up with my plan.

    I'm going to invest in 15 players (like a squad) 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 5 forwards. No keepers as not worth it at the moment. This then leaves me 5 spare places for some prospects.

    My criteria for selection will be players who are 26 or under, younger the better. Have had at least had one breakthrough season and scope for their value to increase.

    As for my remaining 5 spaces, i'm either going to invest in sub 50/60p players or five hot english prospects.

    I have my shortlist but who would be in your squad of 15, there might be some names mentioned that I never even thought to consider.

    5 Defenders -
    5 Midfielders -
    5 Forwards -

    5 Wildcards -


  • What's the hourly rate your offering? 🤔

  • I’ll give you one in each for free.

    Benjamin Mendy. Just needs to stay injury free, this is the big if. He is cheap now, but if he can play consistently, he’ll challenge TAA for price.

    Lucas paqueta. Will be very very good, going to copa America, I think he’d be better off having a break as he’s played a full season in s. America and then half in Italy.

    Jesus. Will be the Man City centre forward

    David Otto. Hoffenhiem bright star

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=31xuZRmUyPA

    Maybe take a look at this lad. Now that Vincent Kompany has left Man City, he could be a first team player soon. He's valued at 42p per future, which has risen by 3p over the weekend. All the best :)

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