Sebastian Haller

  • Do you think he’s worth holding or should I sell him?

  • I asked myself the same thing recently, and I'm holding. I really rate him and I'll play for short term gains elsewhere

  • I hold and think he's quality. The goals/assists he's had this season are impressive.
    With Jovic seemingly going, would Frankfurt let their other prize asset go too?
    Money talks though and I'm sure clubs will be interested.

  • I think he is a really top player. Watched him a few games this season and was very impressed. (I don't hold though j have to say). Always a dilemma when one of a decent strike duo leaves, will be fill his shoes? Always reminds me a bit of when shearer left Blackburn and Sutton had to do it all on his own...

  • I've been mulling this over myself too. I'm holding. Not sure if he'll get a move this summer but he looks a quality player.

    I suppose if a champions league team is enquiring that may be enough to push a move. Frankfurt only look eligible for Europa League next season.

  • He don't need to leave frankfurt this season, he will rip it up next season as the main man. But a link to the prem would be nice for holders

  • I’ve been asking myself the same question, he’s my biggest hold. Looks a quality player.
    I can’t see him move this year personally but I think if he had a good season next year could defo see a big club coming in for him.

  • I don't hold but have him on my watch list.
    I doubt I'll buy in the near future as I don't see any transfer speculation, but will probably look again later in the summer before prices start rising ahead of next season.

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