• Amidst all the ups and downs of transfer news... Remember there are players out there significantly undervalued due to injury.

    Almiron my pick of the bunch now, having made 45p on Longstaff without kicking a ball (27p of that before any transfer link to Utd)

    Almiron currently 78p...scored reasonably well on MB when he first joined.. Seems the type of player the fans and media want to talk about. Played well without scoring.. This should be a breakout year... He will certainly be a regular starter for a Newcastle side that started to look more than just Canon fodder. He reached £1.30ish before injury.

    It may not be the urgent meteoric rise of some of the transfer buzz players... But if you want a safe and certain rise id say he's sure to reach £1 before kicking a ball next season. A couple of goals will see him to £1.50+

  • Seen Almiron mentioned elsewhere - and just wondering whether there's any logic behind this, apart from the fact his price was severely inflated following his transfer?

    His average PB was 68, with a high of 117 - and he didn't ever threaten MB.

    If you look at the prices of some other Newcastle players who have all won PB this season - Perez (62p) Rondon (46p) Schar (34p) - I'm not sure of the reasoning that Almiron should hold his current price, let alone increase?

  • He is now more than he was before he got injured ( after levelling out).

    The problem with him is he won’t win PB anytime soon because Newcastle are shit!

    I quite like him but he is in the wrong team.

  • I've jumped on, mainly because I think others will for this very reason that they expect to make money as he comes back from injury. He's definitely going to rise a bit.

  • @Tom77 Ha! I hold him cos he's a decent player so I'm expecting he'll eventually come good but he's definitely been held back by playing in a shite team.. He barely got a touch of the ball before getting injured ffs!

  • Yep, invested in this one. Another one of my profitable injury purchases.

  • @Tom77 not that bad. 2nd only to Everton in non-Europe PL teams this season.

    0_1558353908905_PL this season PB.jpg

  • Not shit then but at around £80 the competition for pure pb is too much for me and he is to expensive for ipd.

  • There was a lot of hype around him when he joined... So regardless of pb avg (which will increase as he fits in and both he and the team improve) I think he's a player lots of users have an eye on so will make jumps above and beyond the equivalent from say a matt Richie.

  • In the undervalued due to injury bracket is. In my opinion, one of the most undervalued players on FI at present, Amath Ndiaye of Getafe at 27p. Looks as though he probably won’t have recovered for the AFCON but started every Getafe game before his injury and I believe Getafe have the Europa League to look forward to next season.

  • @Le-Blanc sorry if that was a bit off piste re. Almiron but the premise was undervalued injured players. 😊

  • @Le-Blanc no worries... This is a safe haven for the bruised and battered.


  • @Vespasian32 😊

    Yes Bellerin definitely!

  • Couldn’t agree more about the Almiron rise, he will reach £1 before the end of August

  • Only been on FI a few months but I have noticed one of the best value options is to purchase injured players. With Almiron, he came with a big reputation and was very unlucky not to get on the scoresheet on several occasions, hitting the post and bar. The Newcastle fans have taken to his hard working high energy performances and I think he will be a big hit on Tyneside. With a few early season goals I think he could rocket.

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