De Ligt Barca

  • SSN reporting he will move to Barca. Dropped 2p so far, assume most of you like me are keeping hold?

  • I don't hold but I would be getting rid.

    I can't see him generating much MB over there, and his PB scores would need to be consistently excellent to justify that price.

  • @Yellow I fancy holland to win nations this summer worth a hold I reckon

  • @NewUser309532 said in De Ligt Barca:

    @Yellow I fancy holland to win nations this summer worth a hold I reckon

    Is it just me who thinks the Nations League is massively overvalued on here? There's only going to be two games and as far as I'm aware they aren't eligible for pb. Realistically what will De Ligt get out of it? If Holland win and the media cover it then it will be the Engilsh based players who get the divs, most likely Van Dijk,

    Of course things don't have to make sense on here and often it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy but I certainly wouldn't use the Nations League as a reason to buy a player or as the sole reason for keeping someone I thought might drop.

  • @Joev 100% it'll be mostly lost amongst transfer news. maybe 4 days of the summer media madness will be affected by a very select few players based on the nations league news. It's a set of glorified friendlies. Whats going to be bigger news.. De Ligt having a solid performance or James Rodriguez in talks with Arsenal?

  • @Joev couldn’t agree more worthless cup that only last 4 days duration in total won’t effect prices that much imo

  • Should fetch a bit of mb over the next week or so but I do believe that he won’t be reaching any higher anytime soon

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