Wesley Moraes

  • Club Brugge striker is linked with a move to the Premier league with West Ham and Newcastle interested in the 6ft 3 Brazilian.

    Scored 17 and racked up 10 assists this past season and although Lazio are also chasing him his apparent preference is the premier league.

    He is not currently listed on FI, but would assume that if a move to the PL where to come off you'd expect him to make the list and come in pretty cheap.

    I don't know much about Belgian league or if he is any good but thought worth raising just in case.

  • @NeaviePops23 He's in the ''squad'' section, just named ''Wesley'' 76p

  • @AT10 hate it when they do that,


    any variation with name and doesn't pick it up and makes me look even more stupid than I am, and I really don't need any help with looking stupid!

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