Cengiz Ünder-valued?

  • Linked with Arsenal and Spurs today buy price hasn’t really moved much. Only scored 6 goals this season but half of those in CL and has started less than half of Roma’s games. Still young at 21 and £1.13. Bought a few because of EPL link but wanted to see what others thought before getting more

  • I'm a fan, he's not been talked about lately as he had a injury and was only getting back towards full fitness he seems to have been neglected in FI terms! You've sold me, I'm on for £200! Lol

  • I've been holding a few for months. He seems to regularly go up 10p then gradually back down again to about 1.12. I do think he is undervalued: it just needs something to prompt a decent rise such as him playing or moving!

  • He’s been out injured for months but was a starter for them before the injury. Sure there will be plenty of growth in him. I’m in.

  • Yep, looks undervalued to me too, I’m on.

  • Agreed - lots of growth in this one.

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