Oliver Mcburnie - the Championship's most underappreciated forward?

  • Hey guys/girls, been meaning to post this for a while but never got round to it! Oliver Mcburnie scored 22 goals last season for Swansea. To put it in to perspective him, Jarrod Bowen and Che Adams have almost identical stats and are the same age!

    Jarrod Bowen: Played: 46 Goals: 22 Assists: 4 (Age: 22) (£1.17)
    Che Adams: Played : 46 Goals: 22 Assists: 4 (Age: 22) (£1.04)
    Oliver Mcburnie Played: 42: Goals: 22 Assists: 4 (Age: 22) (£0.54)

    He has the best goals to game ratio of the 3 and is half the price! On top of that he's been linked to Premier League clubs Brighton and Norwich according to the Record. Swansea want to create a bidding war according to Alan Nixon. Hope you like the research guys!

  • How many have you got?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Who??? 🤔

  • He plays for Scotland - English youngster are always going to be inflated

  • @Ollie Picked up 500 at the end of the season mate

  • Hope you lads jumped on, he's up 9p already!!

  • Where do you see his price settling? Continuous links and likely transfer still to unfold.

  • Links with Sheffield United this morning too, so could well be playing in premier league next season

  • And a possible move as well is Brighton with his former coach Graham Potter. Potter has a great reputation of forming young players ever since his time in Östersund and I believe he could make McBurnie a top class goal scorer in the Premier League as well.

  • Watched McBurnie a number of times last season with the other half being a Swans fan, for me, whilst he does have a knack for scoring goals, I don't think he is Prem ready. He's a bit too gangly for me, looks like he trips over his own legs alot and considering his size doesn't seem particularly strong. I often felt like he kinda went missing in games too which maybe all strikers are guilty of but he didn't seem the type of player who could turn a game around.

    Of course it's just my opinion and he could well go on to be a world beater but he is currently more expensive than Ciro Immobile and the same price as Andrea Belotti which seems odd to me

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