Angel Gomes.

  • Any thoughts on Angel Gomes? I bought 22 futures at £1.11 a few weeks ago, he has now dropped to 0.95p. Obviously he will be a slow burner due to his age but I have high hopes for him in the future. I am also considering investing in Phil Foden as he looks to have a bright future ahead of him.
    What do you think people? Good or bad strategy??
    I am new to FI and am still finding my feet really.

  • Also fairly new to the index, learning slowly from my losses!
    With players as young as these you have to remember that you can only hold your futures in a player for up to 3 years. So you want them to break into a starting line up, either in their current team or with a move away within that time. With these 2 players I don't have that much to say because i haven't seen too much of them, although i've heard the hype BUT you have to ask yourself are they going to dislodge paul pogba, lingard, sanchez, kdb, sane, sterling, gundogan within that time? Doubt it imo

  • @NewUser108660 Thanks for the reply... I may be guilty of letting my heart rule my head as I have seen Angel play since he was 8 years old. I strongly believe he has the potential to be a future England International.
    I think I will hold on to him for now and maybe even buy some more whilst his price has dropped. You make a good point about the 3 year hold tho!
    Food for thought!

  • If you have high hopes that’s great! Also don’t be discouraged by his price dropping, if you still believe in the investment and the price drops, invest a little more. It brings down the percentage loss and if/when he goes back up in price you gain more!

    That my tactics when a stock goes down. I mean if you bought something at £1.11 why wouldn’t you want to buy it again if it’s cheaper! Hope it works out for you!

  • @devlin7 That's my thinking. I guess I just have to keep faith in him.

  • @NewUser115660: I've heard the hype about Gomes for a while - Holding a few futures myself - but don't be deceived by the recent fall in price...
    The whole market is in decline, a significant correction since pre-christmas, with most (not all) players taking a hit to some degree.
    I can see Gomes getting some game time towards the end of the season - and has the potential to make an impact.

  • I think there must be some really good news tomorrow that will restore consumer confidence at moment I’ve only 1/4 or what I originally had invested in this however I will invest more if I see potential growth and not just static players at moment I’ve only in this what I’m prepared to lose has a small risk if I see investment from other areas I will add to that at moment I see nothing but low growth the Son pump and dump was the only movement in a stagnant market place

  • I think the index is definitely suffering some January blues probably compounded by the coutinho collapse. The index usually reacts positively to champions league and seems to behave very differently in transfer windows so I'd expect the action to get going early feb. For me it's a holding pattern atm. I've been weighing up going in big on some of the high values who are down 10 to 20% from Jan peak but not fully confident they will recover.

  • @Noirx4

    My biggest hold now is 237 Lamela who’s down to 90p I sold 200 due to the Moura talk and fact Poch only starting him in the cup and not been same since double hip op however he got 2 assists! I was going to go in heavy with Vardy when I seen him crash to 63p however this shows how frail confidence is. I hope tomorrow night AC sprinkles some magic otherwise like you say champions league recovery I hope! The other thing being the amount of times I see if a forward don’t score the price crashes to some degree... the other problem is newbies have no patience allot of the time and more players added and if the traders spread investment too far across the full site fluctuation gets less and soread eats more at profit. If everyone just invests in buzz players the site suffers AC needs to sprinkle some magic hopefully tomorrow

    When I first joined I went in for buzz players but changed strategy’s then sold my futures down

    I will be seeing the live Twitter tomorrow honoring for good news a positive announcements of any type

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