Suggestions for Summer Holds :

  • I'll start the thread with my own suggestions, please feel free to add your own, try to provide a rationale for any players discussed.

    1 - Leo Messi - Consistent winner of MB will benefit from the bonus period and is a banker to feature regularly in the top 5 during the promotion months. Contender for Ballon d'Or should generate a run of dividend wins.

    2 - Mohammed Salah - Has peaks and dips in regard to MB dividends, however the CL final is mouthwatering, will be the first name on most peoples lips and the favorite to generate a "buzz" - A CL winner makes him a serious contender for the Ballon d'Or and though likely to stay at Liverpool, there is some talk.

    3 - Matthijs de Ligt - Currently being discussed as the biggest transfer of the summer. Hot property with seemingly every top club competing for his service.
    His young age and ability make him a safe long term investment, now a proven threat at set pieces as well as being a leader and man for the big occasion.

    4 - Virgil Van Dijk - Has become somewhat a media spokesperson for Liverpool FC of late, seems to be developing a mature and positive relationship with the media (who were critical at a time he was with Southampton reserves). A good long term MB prospect now Ramos is getting a bit long in the tooth. CL Final as well as a Nations League Semi against England.

    5 - Trent Alexander-Arnold - One of the best young players in world football. Increasingly proving himself to be a PB beast. often leaving Kimmich in his dust.
    MB scores are improving. CL Final and Euro Nations finals to come, Trent could be the player who puts his name up in lights.

    6 - Ross Barkley - Transfer bans and Injuries have had a subtle affect on the players immediate prospects. Could be now or never for Ross. He isn't lacking in confidence and knows he has a big opportunity, firstly in the Europa final against rivals Arsenal (against whom he has a history of big goals) and then with his country in the Nations league.

    7 - Antoine Griezmann - Top quality and proven. Will no doubt continue to get media attention right through the summer bonus period. When the new season begins there will be a lot attention on his performances. I think he will increase his goals and PB win ratios wherever he goes. Barca are favorites, but long time admirers Utd refuse to rule themselves out. Long been undervalued, due to Athletico style of play, question is - at what price will his true value settle ?

    8 - Gareth Bale - Media Darling, they simply can't get enough of this story. They are the biggest drivers of a potentially huge transfer to Utd. That's a train I don't want to miss. Giggs is another big influence pushing the move. If it happens, he will replace Pogba next season as the biggest winner of MB dividends. If Bale went into hibernation right now, the media would surround his cave with cameras and mics.

    9 - Memphis Depay - Worst case scenario is he stays at Leon and continues to be a consistent PB beast in France. However he's hot property after a fantastic season and the big boys are sniffing, Klopp vs Barca again. It's hard to name players who can improve either Liverpool or Barca, but Memphis would make either team better. I think he fits in perfectly at Liverpool, I think Klopp suspects that would be the case. I think he's his top priority signing and I was previously correct in the case of four current Reds (Matip, Van Dijk, Keita and Fabinho).
    Will be looking to end English trophy dreams this summer. The big threat.

    10 - Nicolas Pepe - With the french runners up admitting they are helpless to keep the player, it's not a case of if but where, he moves this summer. Apparently all of the top Premier league clubs are interested and he can take his pick. Will want to be a starter so I think he will be a big player in the PL next season. I think he chooses Arsenal or Liverpool (depending on EL reasult), but Man Utd will try to tempt with a massive wage offer.

    11 - Hakim Ziyech - Admittedly an admirer of Ozil and has an affinity with Arsenal FC, would be a good signing for Arsenal, but it remains to be seen how high a priority he is for Emery. Man Utd are serious rivals for his signature and they have clearly made an effort. That may be worth a great deal in the mind of the player. Would do well at either club and looks suited to PL style of play.

    12 - Timo Werner - Has been told to "find a new club", which is all I needed to hear before including him in my holds. "Fine" he's better than the RB academy anyway. Seems to be a straight decision between Bayern and Liverpool, either of which will see him increase his profile and goal/PB ratio. I could also see Real Madrid entering this race. Will be like Fowler and Muller (Gerd) once given finishing duties in a better team.

    13 - Kalidou Koulibaly - Years proving himself to be the hardest gladiator in the Italian arena has made him one of the very best CB's in world football. Man Utd are long time suitors, he would be a success at any club and up there with Van Dijk and Laporte in terms of prem league influence. The one player Utd should be busting a gut to sign and I suspect they are doing just that.

    14 - Harry Maguire - Utd ? City ? Utd ? City ? The longer the saga continues the more MB he's going to wrack up through the summer. Hopefully he makes his decision after the Euro Nations finals. There's no reason for the player to make hasty decisions. Ultimately, if Pep wants him I think he goes there. The one thing missing for Maguire is trophies, unlike some of his current team mates.

    15 - Moussa Dembele - Like Memphis, the worst case scenario is he stays in France and scores a few hundred goals whilst demolishing the occasional pub team. I could see him being a star at Man Utd, he wouldn't be the first former Celtic star to make that step. I think it's part of what Ole sees in his Utd potential, a future fan favorite and a big enthusiastic, hard working smile. Humble too. Exactly the sort of Frenchman Utd could do with.

    16 - Tanguy NDombele - Stood out in the CL games against Barca this season. Every top manager in the world would have noticed this. Capable of running any match at any level. Likely destinations are alongside Pep or Zidane but once again we see links with Utd and they are a hard club to turn down.

    17 - Nicolo Zaniolo - With Leicester determined to hold on to Maddison, I think Spurs will turn all their attentions to Zaniolo. He ticks all the boxes, he's within the budget, Poch wants him. I see one big attacking signing there and further I think it's a signing that keeps the manager happy...and staying.

    18 - David Neres - Got better and better as the games got bigger and bigger. Top clubs noticed and his value has spiked accordingly. I think like Ziyech this could be a straight fight between Arsenal and Man Utd. I think he fits in well as a squad player at Liverpool and I think that merits consideration from the player. PL seems likely destination based on recent talk.

    19 - Jean-Kevin Augustin - Had been wondering why the big stall in his Leipzig development the latter part of the season. Now it all becomes clear. Agents been hinting at a pay rise of course. Seemingly at Leicester or Everton, which typically generates a spike, some MB and a good start to the season. Pretty decent player actually.

    20 - Adrien Rabiot - Like De Ligt and Bale he is "inevitably" going to pick up MB dividends this summer as the media builds a buzz around his eventual destination. Has all the big clubs to choose from and the appeal of the PL seems to be pulling the player. He's wanted and the media are positive towards him. I thought it would be Barca, but they've invested in some good CM's and Rabiot has made it clear he expects to play.

    21 - Kenny Lala - The best player in world football, not currently playing at the top level. No disrespect to cup winners Strasbourg. For those unfamiliar he's like Trent with turbos who scores and creates more, without the support of world class players. Kyle Walker would very quickly be forgotten and why would he not heed the Pep call to join City.

    22 - Joao Felix - I haven't seen anywhere near enough of this young player to rate his abilities. I heard he's pretty good from those who claim to watch a lot of Portugese football. What I have read is that he looks to Ronaldo as an inspiration. That skinny Portugese kid made his name at Man Utd. So my bet is that this kid follows in those same footsteps. Still raw but obviously ready for the top level after running big games of late (watched his PB closely).

    23 - Donny van de Beek - Reports of late make PSG favorites for his signature. If that move happens and he continues to be used in an advanced mid position in France he'll become a PB banker. Failing that he could very well join a top club in the PL. If the PSG move breaks down, I think Spurs have a good chance.

    24 - Nico Schulz - My lowest priced player listed here. I do not expect him to storm the MB table now it's been confirmed he'll remain in Germany. What catches my attention is this...Current best full back for PB in Germany £2.50+
    Possibly the next PB star in the Bundesliga for new club Dortmund - 60p+ Bargain with a lot of potential for six month appreciation.

    25 - Julian Brandt - Links with Liverpool aren't going away. Klopp has stated openly that he has a decision to make on signing the player. I think it's getting to be a situation of "how many can I fit in". With the likes of Werner, Pepe, Neres, Bale and Depay linked it remains to be seen. Brandt is a different type of player to the others though, most would agree he's better than Shakira.

    26 - Sadio Mane - Another contender to be "the man who wins the CL", I don't want to bet against him anyway. Really stepped up this season after a pre season pep talk from Jurgen. He believes he's the best player at the club. He'll be determined to prove that to the world in Madrid. I make Senegal faves this summer in the African internationals and that usually adds a little more MB, transfer talk rumbles on like Salah, but I think both will stay, despite lures from Spain (unlike Pogba and Hazard, left off the list for this reason).

    27 - Jadon Sancho - I suspect Man Utd are working hard to make the kid an offer he can't refuse. If that offer materializes it will be hard for the player not to return home. He will become an instant hero, half the kids in the country will be wearing shirts with his name on the back and his international future with England will be secure. Like Bale he could be the big reaper of UTD dividends (the things we call media dividends).

    28 - Raheem Sterling - As time has progressed we have consistently seen a steady rise in the media attention paid to Sterling, that his performances merit. Few have proved to be as consistent in terms of money invested, yield and returns. He remains a "safe bet". Never likely to win more MB than the next Pogba, but consistently likely to win a few, particularly when England gather.

    29 - Will Kane be fit or not ??? I don't know. However I'm quite sure the media will write about it. It certainly isn't all over for Harry Kane. The two biggest games of the season (maybe 3) are still to come right, for the Spurs and England Captain. Still has the opportunity to finish the season on a massive high and will be determined to do so as well as inspiring his teams and maintaining his positive relationship with the media and nation.

    30 - Marcus Rashford - I have a feeling that after such a frustrating season for Utd he's going to be reinvigorated as he gets into training with England. Whilst the other England forwards have been playing for success right up until the final games, they could be forgiven for feeling a little drained. I don't think that will be the case for Rashford. I see him going into England vs Holland with real hunger and desire to prove himself in the elite company he'll have on the pitch.
    Biggest threat to the Dutch and likely to bring in bonus period MB.

    There's my top 30.
    Feel free to provide critical counter arguments against them.
    Add in any supporting statements as to why these are good summer investments.
    Throw in any other suggestions you may have that I've missed.

  • Christ... give me 3 days!! Good input all the same! I agree with most of your points.
    I think mainly Grealish will benefit alot over the summer and next year he will be a prem player regardless as no doubt spurs will buy him if villa dont make it..

  • Gonna read this now... but I... wonder how much of this could change after 6pm ha.

    Every time Pogba gets low... FI make an announcement to help boost him. He's low again today... my guess is they will double the MB awards.

  • @C-Arroyo That is some list and I'm pleased I hold 16 of those😀

    I would add Ryan Fraser although not as big a name as some mentioned he has many PL clubs interested and they are some of the top 6 and will maintain his price towards the inevitable transfer that follows plus he is still reasonably priced.

  • One of the best threads I’ve seen on here, good on you.

  • Mine is Jarrod Bowen. For a young English striker who's at a club who's owners want to sell any valuable asset, £1.17 seems pretty cheap. Even before the Man Utd links started Dan James was around £1.50, so i can't see any reason why Bowen won't get aboive 1.50 when the links start flying in.

  • 1- El Ghazi...most likely scenario is Villa win and use his buyout option. So EPL winger currently trading at 60p, should be nearer 90p-£1. Villa don't go up, he goes back to Lille and either joins their CL squad or gets sold... in which case I still see him in a PB league. Lille value if he broke into squad would be high too … could mimic Pepes season!

    2 - Salah - as per your desc.
    3- Mane - ------"-----
    4 - Brandt -------"-----
    5 - Rabiot -------"------
    6 - Zaniolo -----"-----

    7- Guilbert. On loan at Caen played both CB and RB. Goes back to Villa next season - currently 26p, they should hold onto him as they lose half their defence due to loan ending, and their RBs are old and replaceable

    8 - Kruse... don't see him going to Fenerbahce when some of Europes big teams are interested. Could see him in EPL. Scored 20 goals in Bundesliga... 52p!!

    9 - Greenwood... had a big slump, but should get more game time next season. One for the long haul, currently £3.17 … should be £5+ in the next year

    10 & 11 - James Rodriguez & Malcom.... should get transfers this summer. MB for sure... and with regular football both could be PB beasts (james in particular, but Malcom will get GnA)

    12 - Mason Mount - back to Chelsea next year after a very impressive loan spell. Sure to be part of the squad. With RLC out and Barkley for competition I think he will become a first team regular. Currently £1.83, can see him easily break £2 in short time.

    13 - Almiron… settled well at Newc before injury. Fans loved him and I think he will have a good season

  • Cillessen, decent GK @30p likely to start v England next week & hopefully not a Nations league final to follow! Then with his time at Barca looking over there will some transfer spec thrown in & likely an actual transfer (Man Utd were muted but hardly news) followed by a decent PB league team next season + chance of GK revaluation in general across FI; lots of positives very few negatives.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Suggestions for Summer Holds ::

    8 - Kruse... don't see him going to Fenerbahce when some of Europes big teams are interested. Could see him in EPL. Scored 20 goals in Bundesliga... 52p!!

    "Liverpool are willing to compete with Bayern Munich to sign free agent Max Kruse."

  • ive never been but im going to suggest florida !

    my bad didnt read the post properly

  • @C-Arroyo A good list. Only thing I would say is, it’s perhaps a slight exaggeration to say Trent Aleaxander leaves Kimmich in his dust. Kimmich is 88p of divs for the season to Trent Alexander Arnold’s 13p. No contest.
    And neither is Depay a PB beast. 5p for the whole season.....That’s more like a PB microbe 🦠
    Otherwise a good post. ;)

  • @Valhalla

    I'm shocked by those figures tbh.
    I do remember Memphis winning more PB divs than that in the space of a couple of weeks as last season finished.
    Both of these players though are consistently high in their PB scores, sadly that doesn't always reflect in past dividend yield
    I maintain it's a good indicator of potential future yield, with the added reassurance that players aren't overpriced.

    I'll stick with Memphis and Trent.
    I don't own any Kimmich or Pogba.
    An interesting difference in strategy maybe. I definitely look at price before past performance. Still waiting to see how Pavard fits in, as well as waiting to see if Opta moves the goalposts.

  • Need to consult the Jedi Master...


    Trent and Memphis - Hold or Sell ?

  • @C-Arroyo tbf Depay had a great PB 17/18 season, jut not much this year. He’s also been dynamite for Holland, so you’d think that would also reflect in his general PB. Fooled us all.
    TAA is one for the future with buckets of talent and the added benefit of being English.

  • @C-Arroyo Good suggestions. I hold 14 of those players, namely nos 1,2,4,7,8,10,11,13,14,15,27,28,29 and 30. I would suggest the obvious buys of Pogba and E Hazard. The latter is definitely leaving in the summer so there will be MB talking about it. I'm not convinced Pogba will leave this summer but there is plenty of talk of him doing so. Hence yesterday's MB win. There will be plenty more where that came from.
    Maxi Gomez - Is wanted by Spurs as cover for Kane. He's at the right price for Levy.

  • @C-Arroyo I will hold trent and depay for next season and euros.

  • Coutinho - something seems certain to happen with him this summer. My money is on a move back to the prem. In which case he is ridiculously underpriced at around £2.00. Imagine the media hype if he heads towards United or back to Liverpool!

  • Lots of rumours about depay to liverpool, that would be gold on FI being ex Man U. If that happened I would pile in, the Mb would be good all season.

  • A great list, backed up with some great reasoning!

    I have a few of the players in your list. Though, two I would add are Eden Hazard and Hirving Lozano.

    Hazard is an obvious hold for the Summer Madness. He has already generated a few MB wins in the past couple of weeks, and I expect this saga to continue for another number of weeks. Add to that, the Europe League Final, which should hopefully generate more MB and possible PB.

    Lozano is a less obvious hold. But anyone who knows anything about him, recognises how talented he is! He had an amazing season yet again, but unfortunately suffered a drop in price towards the end of the season after getting injured. I feel he has gone under the radar the past couple of weeks, yet I full expect him to make a move to a PB league this Summer, and from that I expect a rise in his value. I'm just patiently waiting for the links to United etc. to resurface, and believe it's only a matter of time before a big club snaps him up!

  • @Conor-OB I'm on Lozano and he's slowly been trickling down in price lately. Hopefully some news comes soon to get back on people's radars

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