Ikone to step up?

  • With Pepe leaving this summer and Lille in champions league next year I’ve been looking into who is currently under valued in their squad. Looking into Ikone and saw he’s 2 years younger than Pepe and 1/3 of his price. Surely he’s a great buy with very low risk?

    What are people’s thoughts?

  • Think both him and Bamba are good options

  • He's very good. I got on a few weeks ago whilst watching him against Paris I think, and topped up again the other day. Few ipds since and a nice rise. Dunno if he will ever reach Pepe's price, but deffo more room to grow.

  • Think he’ll need to be scoring 15+ goals and getting in the French squad to be hitting Pepe’s price.
    Expect him to be around £1.30-£1.60 so defiantly value in his price.

  • I'm keeping a close eye on Lille's transfer business

  • I’ve held him since 56p and will continue to hold. He’s had a very good season, Pepe should be sold and champions League football next season. So much more to come £1.50 to £1.60 should be easily achievable with the next few months

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