• Firmino seems to have dropped lately compared to other Champions league finalists. Gone in heavy for the build up.
    Thoughts folks?

  • He's within 4p of his highest ever price so wouldn't exactly say he's dropped. Obviously been injured so maybe that's why he hasn't gone up as much as other players.

    Definite chance of him doing something in the final tho, whoever gets the winner will likely be in line for some decent returns

  • I bang on about this a lot, but he is one FI’s biggest mysteries for me. He’s been injured a fair bit this season but has still hauled a large chunk of divs....46p. Something the likes of Mbappe and other bigger names could only dream of.
    He is only 27 too. Mystery 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • @Snrub @NewUser212745 his 12 month graph has him at £1.75 about 9 months ago so he's definitely not within 4p of his highest price as he's only £1.39 now?!! However I certainly wouldn't say he's dropped lately as his price is almost the same as it was 3 months ago. Good shout though I've just bought another 200, he's absolute class and vital to everything that this Liverpool team does 👍

  • @9stevo you're right yes. I was only looking at 3months. I agree he could be the difference in the final though, almost talked me into getting on him myself

  • I thought he was too cheap based on a Champions League Final, MB regarding his injury and race to be fit plus he is a proven dividend winner. Should pick up some MB and is 25% chance of winning PB on the night. I have bought 300.

  • @Snrub you'd be daft not to, Copa America this summer too and he's clearly a much better player than Jesus!

  • @9stevo having a little nibble, just bought 50

  • Me too, I’m in for 300. Integral part of the Liverpool system and Copa to come too⚽️⚽️

  • @Valhalla He really hasn't you know! He's been injured the last few games but other than that he's been fit all season!! Just to make sure my brain wasn't playing tricks on my I checked and he's played 34 (out of 38) league games and 11 (out of 12) in Europe. 3 league games and the semi final second leg he missed due to this muscle injury he picked up at the end of the season, the other game I'm almost certain was after someone stuck their finger in his eye at Spurs away!
    You're right that he's very under priced for his dividend return though; brilliant footballer.

  • @9stevo interesting. It’s seemed like he has missed more than that. But thanks for correction 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • @Valhalla No worries, he was rested in the cup games but even then he actually came off the bench so played all of them as well (all be it as a sub) I didn't realise his div yield was so high so thanks for flagging that up, convinced me to up my holding to 600 😀

  • @9stevo 💪🏻😎

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