Adam Cole Q&A Summary

  • Copy and paste hack job.

    Q: Adam, can you confirm IPD will continue permanently? Cheers.
    A:We will make an announcement on this at the close of the promo period. Personally I like it, what do you guys think? #footballindex

    Q:Bring ipd in to the Dutch and Belgium league 👍😂😂
    A: Nice idea

    Q:Hi Adam, thanks for doing this.
    Two Qs: What's happening with the Beta Site, can we expect it back up soon?
    Q: Is TennisIndex still expected to launch towards the end of this year?
    A: Hi there, focus is on Football Index in the UK for the rest of 2019 so tennis index unlikely this calendar year. Beta site still being developed and will likely launch later this summer #footballindex

    Q:Good to know the 2019 priorities, thanks Adam. Are you able to advise the big ticket items in terms of 22 priorities?
    A: Orderbooks, NASDAQ, executing a brilliantly reliable platform, and our marketing efforts for 2019/20. #footballindex

    Q: What’s your thoughts on the ‘pumpers and dumpers’ of Twitter who prey on the new and naive users to create an easy profit for themselves?

    Do you see these as an issue to the long term profitability of FI?

    How do you plan to reduce if so?

    A:We do actually monitor trading closely. My understanding is this is much less a problem than the perception of it. I also think it is quite a difficult task to turn a profit on. #footballindex

    Q:Removing or altering the 'trending list' would help, as people do buy players that are trending. Any plans on changing this?
    A:Fair point this… will review #footballindex

    Q:Good thank you handsome, still curious as to what’s going on with this 3 year player expiry date? Been a long time with no mention of it any response would be great as some of the players are getting there! #FootballINDEX

    A:Hi footieGH. We have plans to introduce filtering by date of purchase to help manage this in your portfolio and we’ll Email customers a month in advance of shares expiring. FYI very few 3 year shares in circulation now. #footballindex

    Q:I thought FI had extended to 4 years Adam ?

    Q:What plans have you got for 3x marketing budget? #askadam
    A: TV, Radio, Shirt Sponsorship, London Taxis, other Outdoor spots, and our usual eclectic digital mix. Really excited about our new TV commercial, it's going to be very memorable #footballindex

    Q:Evening Adam! We're a bit worried about the tech side of the platform given a major update was done pre share split. Quite a few things just don't work properly. Can you reassure us about your priorities about this stuff?
    A: Big investment in tech at the moment Zen. And lots of focus on reliability. We’ll come back stronger, absolutely. We’re absolutely determined to improve our systems.

    Q: Hi Adam, do you plan on giving out any additional dividends say in partnership with Whoscored for example a certain amount for being in the team of the weak/month/year etc.
    A: Looking into a lot of different options ahead of the new season. This is quite a nice suggestion. Will definitely consult further with the community before we do anything. #footballindex

    Q:Any new countries near to joining yet Mr Cole ?
    A: Focus is on getting this UK platform absolutely singing and dancing before we get too involved in other territories. Though we are massively investing in tech to achieve this. It won’t be long!

    Q:Adam, please can you update us on all the technical improvements you are making to the platform. What is the status and and what should we expect when. Thanks.
    A: Reliability and existing functionality is primary focus. We’re adding increased monitoring to the system to make sure we address this. Bugs are inevitability with any product but we are working hard to ensure we reduce these.

    Q: Any updates regarding the potential partnership with NASDAQ to use their trading software? #footballimdex
    A: At contractual stage with NASDAQ. Big corporates move slowly but we’re almost there. #footballindex

    Q: Are you going to make us all millionaires?
    A: Doing our best Neil 🤑#footballindex

    Q:One other thing. Please, please, please can you get the tech team to sort out the amateurish typos in the app - things like ‘withdrawed’ and ‘successful finished’ - which make the product look like a scam (and should be an easy fix?).
    A: Thanks for your feedback will look into this.

    Q:Adam, spreads have massively increased post split and are incredibly inconsistent, could you please request for a review and decrease to the enigmatic “risk team”
    Lower prices players especially have spread ranging from 10-20% with no obvious apparent reason
    A: I think the risk team will be delighted to be thought of as enigmatic. But seriously, we are constantly reviewing policy around these areas and take you feedback in the spirit intended. Thanks #footballindex

    Q: Hi Adam, will be there any possibility of traders being able to click and drag players in our portfolio allowing us to select that order players show on the portfolio screen
    A: Just hired a new UX guy, Mark, who’s leading the charge on this kind of thing. We want to make the platform as user friendly as possible. I love this suggestion #footballindex

    Q: Hi Adam,
    How is this allowed to remain on the site a year after leaving Barcelona. Imagine it’s pretty simple to change his team. Are there any processes in place for something like this?
    A: This is a fair shout. We need to pull in more Opta feeds for Asian leagues to have this update. Apologies, it’s obviously not good enough. Will improve.

    Q: Any chance of that extra penny on treble star man, sometime ?

    6-4-2 for positional PB from talking to people would be a huge winner and would see a lot of deposits. Makes the product so much more rational.
    A: We have significantly increased dividends in the last few months, so not planning to add any more at this stage. Sorry. #footballindex

    Q:Doing well Adam, hoping for some exciting developments
    A: Have you seen our Summer Bonus Boost? 10% bonus on net buys up to £2k. Our biggest offer yet. #footballindex

    Q: Hi Adam,

    There's a lot of frustration around strikers being undervalued by FI.

    Aubameyang finished as golden boot winner at £1.51
    Aguero won the treble and is £1.22
    Cavani, Suarez, etc, not even in top 200

    Will you be making any alterations designed to change this?

    A: Hi Neil, thanks for your question. Truth is FI don’t value the players, our traders do. So if you think there is value in those strikers I’d suggest you buy them. Happy trading #footballindex

    Q:Hi Adam, for a company that is expanding rapidly (and congrats on this) what are your plans to align with other organisations around issues such as gambling habits and addiction?
    A: We’re very proud that there’s little problem gambling associated with Football Index. We’re inherently not a loss chasing product. We have significant resources in our compliance team to stay abreast of industry developments and will always work tirelessly to combat any issues.

    Q: Hey Adam, When are IPOs coming back? There's truck loads of new players to be added!
    A: Looking forward to the new season for more of these. #footballindex

    Q:Hi Adam, firstly thanks for taking all my money and spare time 😉 is there any update on an improved process for IPOs in the future? #footballindex
    A: Looking to improve this significantly for the coming season #footballindex

    Q: I’ve been in contact with customer services for nearly 2 months about a query and keep getting deferred to another team. Still hasn’t got resolved- are there any plans to improve customer service communications
    A: DM me please Alex with your details. Many thanks

    Q: If you could buy 1 player on #FootballIndex who would it be & why? 🤔
    A: Messi. GOAT. Dividends

    Q: How do you decide on total number of shares you roll out for any one player?
    A: Only ever issue new shares in response to excess demand. Never issue if shares are available in the market. #footballindex

    Q: Adam. Firstly. Do any of your customer care team have any idea how football index works? I’ve had numerous conversations with them, back and forth and I get absolutely nowhere. Being told it’s with the “tech team” literally every time but the issues I rase never get resolved.
    A: Hi Martin, the CS team do a great job and are well trained on the product, but always keen to do better. What specifically has been your problem?

    Q: Adam when can we expect to see the data site and when can we expect to see order books?
    A: Targeting new season for data, order books may be a little longer. #footballindex

    Q: Hi Adam, Just a question that's not hugely important right now.
    Any update on Sweden 😁 @Andy-M
    A: Hi Andrew Still working on this with our compliance team. Hope to have news soon. Thanks

    Q: Hi Adam, are there any plans for other indexes to launch anytime soon ? would love to see an Nfl index thanks for everything !
    A: Unlikely for 2019 but beyond we absolutely plan to do this yes. #footballindex

    Q: Hi Adam. I submitted a formal complaint yesterday afternoon by email, not had a response as yet despite it having been read. Can you look into this please?
    Also do you have a formal complaints procedure documented we can access?
    Good news on the phase 3 promotion 👍🏼
    A: Hi Tom, sorry to hear that please DM me your registered email address and we’ll have a look. Thanks

    Q:I feel like new traders need a database with simple info such as average pg and mb scores, for each player on the index to drive it more towards dividends, making it easier for them to understand. Any thoughts on this?
    A: Thanks for the feedback Peter I will put that to the product guys. Yes I think a simple view like that would be fantastic, particularly for new traders. #footballindex

    Q:With a large part of the market dedicated to unproven youngsters how can you make dividend yielding players more attractive to new and existing traders?
    A: Actually we see a great deal of the market capitalisation in the proven players… some of them come of age and will yield great dividends. It’s a case of giving it time for youngsters to reach their potential. #footballindex

  • Love this one. Conspiracy confirmed


    Adam Cole: We do monitor this and have banned users as a consequence.

  • @Misto Like the answer to 2nd question 😉

  • Cheers for this @Misto

  • @Misto thanks for this. Much appreciated as i don't use Twitter!

  • @Misto was funny that only AndyM got a tag on this 😁💪🏻

  • He answered all the questions really well. My only disappointment was he twice talked about there being more ipo's "in the new season". Was hoping for a huge amount of ipo's in the summer when, although there is increased media, there wont be much to engage with on a daily basis if like me you dont want to speculate money on possible transfers

  • @NewUser297678 Agree that ipo's during close season would be a great idea.

    For maybe a month period you could have 4-5 ipo's per week and there is no shortage of players requiring a listing.

    Missed opportunity perhaps.

    It may still happen in next few weeks, well I hope so anyway.

  • He did a decent job of answering most of those questions.

    He got a little bit defensive on a couple that were critical and didn't really give any answer on the lack of IPO's.

    But generally positive.

  • @Misto top man!!👍

  • Fair play for him doing this kind of thing. I appreciate this is a product like no other and some interaction is needed but you tell me another betting/gambling company that would do this. People always want more and okay mistakes have been made but it seems like their really on it. If the system makes an incorrect pay out they're pretty on it and will sort it very quickly. All looks very promising

  • @Misto Yes thank you very much mate as don't use twitter.

    That info is much appreciated.

  • Great job, Misto! I notice AC got defensive with the criticism of CS. He said they were doing a great job. A sign of a good manager. He'll definitely be upgrading the training of the staff as they get a lot of stick which puts FI in a bad light.

  • Shame for the none Twitter users that you didn't actually see the replies to some of Adam's answers, that would have been a wee bit too much for @Misto obviously, the part about IPD in Holland and Belgium was an absolutely horrible idea, and myself and others pointed that out.

    Anyone that thinks that would be a good idea would actually be very disappointed if it happened, the market would be at an incredible level of volatility, I would probably leave FI if this ever happened, but not sure it's going to anyway, Adam is just polite and telling people their ideas are good, the poster actually laughed at his own comment 🤫😉

  • Q:What plans have you got for 3x marketing budget? #askadam
    A: TV, Radio, Shirt Sponsorship, London Taxis, other Outdoor spots, and our usual eclectic digital mix. Really excited about our new TV commercial, it's going to be very memorable #footballindex

    New TV ad @Westy

    Glad about this, for some reason the current ad doesn't hook me.

  • I don't suppose anyone managed to ask about Euro 2020 at all?

  • Thanks buddy, saves me trying to remember my twitter password ha. I'll take a read.

  • @Misto Thanks. Can see dilemmas about other indexes being rolled out, on both sides, us and FI, where users might go..

  • @Ollie I could see FI users jump on TI thinking they can beat tennis only fans because they know who FI works and people jumping in for the early boom

  • @Allams-Out said in Adam Cole Q&A Summary:

    He got a little bit defensive on a couple that were critical and didn't really give any answer on the lack of IPO's.

    I've been in his shoes before. It's really quite difficult when people are rude to you to bite your tongue. I thought he did quite well.

    Also, it sucks when you're trying to do a little community PR thing, and someone pops up with a personal complaint.

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