Instant sell vs Sell Queue

  • Can some of you kind people tell the pros and cons of both please.


  • @CRua
    Sell queue: higher price (the current buy price at time of sale) but no clear idea of how long it will take to sell... And if you do it when the player is undesirable their price could plummet lower than the IS price would have been. (can set reserve price to avoid this)

    Instant sell: can lose a lot of money in the spread... But you know what you are getting and you get it immediately.

    If the player is on the rise but you want to sell... Sell to market as it should be swift and good value.

    If the player is on the down... IS or hold.

  • cheers.

    thats how i was reading it but i'm double checking everything :)

  • @Vespasian32 perfectly put 🙌🏻

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