Capital Appreciation Banger

  • Mohamed Fares- Algerian LB/LW likely to have a good AFCON run with the national team. Plays for SPAL and has had PL links before to Newcastle and even Spurs. Some even stronger links for Napoli that will be magnified at AFCON in the summer. Likely to win best defender divs. Very cheap at 34p, could see him reach 80p over summer alone and push on from there.

  • Don't know anything about him, but appears to be a forward.....who's scored 2 in 90 league games. Doesn't sound too great, but is cheap.

  • I hold a small amount as his PB averages looked promising as a defender but the move to a forward weakens that argument.

    Id hope he swaps back position wise (hes not a forward!) In due course and still believe hes undervalued given age and can see him in a better team. Hold for me! 😁

  • @NewUser39202 his pb average is 59? Wouldnt call that promising

  • 2 goals in 90 games? This guys on fire 🔥

  • @NewUser297678 i think it reset with the recent position change.

  • @NewUser39202 good point he hasn't played as a forward for a long time.

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