Sean Longstaff flying

  • Are Man Utd really going to bid for a player with less than a dozen Premier League appearances?

    I know he played well but still Scott McTominay and Sean Longstaff in centre midfield surely can't be the plan! He can only be a backup option and haven't they already got better players on the bench or lads coming through from the youth squads?

    Ashley won't sell cheap so maybes have to pay 15-20m for him? I'm not knocking the rise, wish I was on him myself but I just can't believe it!

  • remember that fella "The Virus" who told us all to sink £10000 on Longstaff?!!...

  • @9stevo said in Sean Longstaff flying:

    remember that fella "The Virus" who told us all to sink £10000 on Longstaff?!!...

    The bloke was a genius

  • @9stevo Remember him saying put your mortgage on him, he was apparently in Las Vegas at the time 🤣🤣
    Guess you could virtually pick any player and see a rise after a few months, but he definitely got this one right, 84p at the time.

  • Really don’t think he’ll actually move.

    Hometown boy, Rafa loves him and gave him the chance, he knows he’s first name in centre mid for next season. Rafa seems to be staying, this has got to be part of any reassurances he’s been given.

    Younger brother is also tearing it up in u23s. His hype should be unreal if he ever gets IPOd. Imagine the potential price of someone who hasn’t played but is the kid brother of someone who played a dozen times and got injured! £10 easy...

  • @9stevo funny thing is. I bought a few on the back of it. Just in case his thread caused eneugh of a stir to shift the price. Annoying prick is making me money now. 😂😂

  • @9stevo Still waiting on the Salomon rondon rise tho...
    He recommended sticking your second mortgage on him

  • @Andy-M Vegas, his um's spare room.... one or the other?!! but yeah it was a good tip, all be it his obnoxiousness ultimately persuaded me to ignore him 😂

  • @LuaLua can't win them all 😂🤣😂

  • From what i've heard a big has already been lodged and rejected. Although NUFC have told MUFC not to return with another one, they fully expect them to return over the weekend with an improved offer.

  • I really don’t understand this one, OGS was saying James Garner was the new Carrick the other month so I don't see it especially with Mctominay getting minutes.

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