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  • @Dan-The-Man

    Thanks, will check that link out. I would put in more but could only probably reasonably go up to around £25, £30 tops.

    Would it be viable to be able to change that up to around £100 after the first year?

  • @Dan-The-Man said in Under 60p players:

    @johnboywalker said in Under 60p players:

    If that defence keeps more than a handful of clean sheets this season, I'll eat my hat 🤠

    If you have watched them at all in the past 6 months, you will know that they have been absolutely woeful at the back, verging on comical at times.

    Nothing has changed.

    They signed Ferland Mendy and Eder Militao... wouldn't say nothing has changed.

    I don't believe either of those two were signed as first team starters.

    Marcelo is likely still first choice at left back.

    Militao will be backup to Ramos and Varane.

    Very little has changed. (You happy now??) 🤣

  • @PeterG92 anything is possible but you'd need your portfolio to over treble in price, most people on here are buzzing when they get a player that's had a 100% increase, but you'd need a 300%. I'd say that if you're going to only put that amount of money on it's better to look at this as just keeping an interest rather than having high hopes for trebling your money. I'd invest in players that you actively have an interest in at club level so then you can look out for them on a weekend. Good luck tho!

  • @johnboywalker

    Militao played yesterday as part of an advanced 5 at the back. Marcelo, Varane, Ramos, Militao and Carvajal, with the WB's playing further up the field.

    Mendy is injured (something about that name, left backs and injuries), otherwise, he'd have been on the left.

    Marcelo is 31 will be phased out this season by Mendy.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Time will tell Dannyboy ... 🤔

  • @johnboywalker


    Here's a 15 minute clip of Mendy against the best teams in the world. It's a highlight reel so hardly a suitable video to base analysis on but it shows how impactful he can be and that he's already got the big game experience.


    I know Madrid have a lot of cash but they spent over 70m on these two defenders after having a bad season defensively.

  • Jony, just moved to lazio so European football and also just reclassified to a forward from a midfielder-58p

  • Wu Lei - 27 years old. 37p. Moved to Espanyol from Shanghai SIPG in January. Helped them into Europa League. According to an article I read he is the Chinese Maradonna but probably just because he is on the 👃


  • @ChazFI123

    Thanks. I'll hope for the best. I've invested in some players for this weekend that I think will perform along with 1 or 2 longer term prospects.

  • Daniel Caligiuri (Schalke) 43p.

    PB average is 96 with his top 5 scores of 263,235,228,193,190 will always be in with a shout for PB's and IPD's. 7 goals and 3 assists last seasons confirm he is deadly at set pieces.

    Max Gradel (Toulouse) 46p

    11 goals and 5 assists last season and with the threat of him leaving for Kuwait now gone makes him more attractive. Ranked in the top 30 of strikers on the index.

  • Milos Veljkovic - 23yrs old CB (sometimes plays midfield. Serbia international and regular for Werder Bremen. Only 30p, can easily see him rise to 50p+. Half decent PB scores, gone under radar

  • @NewUser142017 My best long term hold bar none. He's been a regular starter for Bremen since the age of 20 and a regular for Serbia now too. His clearance stats are insane. I got on him at 20p and have bought more every time I could afford too.

  • @NewUser142017
    He does really seem like a bargain

  • Hidden gem in the Bundesliga just gone above 60p recently and at 63p today. 24 years old just signed for Schalke and went up 10* in value over the past year in club transfer fee terms. Read this, he’s an absolute bargain given this and what people are saying on Twitter.

    Benito Raman:


  • Andriy Yarmolenko - at West Ham and looked very good before he got a bad injury last season (even managed a few goals). Is now fit again; all it will take is a few goals/assists and he should go up 20-30%. He will also be in the euros next year with Ukraine.


  • For a starting premiership attacker (including today) with reasonable goal and assist returns, Michail Antonio strikes me as good value at 42p.

  • Lucas Lima - currently bossing the PB, defender playing in front 3 for Nantes , has put in 13 crosses so far , could be PB gold. 53p !

  • I just sold all of my Callum Wilson and I have £9 worth available. He's bang on 60p but what do people think of Golovin?

  • @Indexical said in Under 60p players:

    Lucas Lima - currently bossing the PB, defender playing in front 3 for Nantes , has put in 13 crosses so far , could be PB gold. 53p !

    PB of 160 with no clean sheet, goal or assist, and on the losing side , is very impressive. Tough game too away at Lille. Just needs to grab an assist or CS and he could be great.

  • @Indexical yep

    the defenders above him all had wins and CS so he must be doing something right

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