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  • @Westy said in Under 60p players:

    @nicky540 he started previous game, then was 1 of only 2 etienne players to go away for ints, he started on bench and came on at half time as they were losing. I followed game on live text, sounds like he scored a disallowed goal and assisted a disallowed goal... Atkeast he was in and around it.
    No ipds earned, so some have panic sold, some have taken the little cap app and some were in ages ago and saw this spike as a good out, some might have been their last game in 30 day hold.

    I wouldn't worry, plenty of games coming for him. Starter or bench he has played in every game so far of the season.

    ye i looked at him when you posted but didnt get on, just jumped on now at 49p already up a penny !

  • If he starts vs Gent I expect he will be a popular buy. Not many cheaper options around for a striker.

  • Find myself agreeing with zola. Castagne is a great buy at the minute and I'd be suprised if he hasnt outgrown this thread very shortly

  • Pavel Kaderabek - listed as a wing back but plays a more advanced role for Hoffeinheim (played part of a front 3 in their last game by looks of things). Already has 1 goal this season & scored 4 last season, as well as assisting a further 4. Hoffenheim play in a single game week on the 23rd September, as well as 1st November & 8th November so in with a chance of PB.

    Is also a regular for Czech Republic who play England and Northern Ireland in their next fixtures so buy now and any IPD will be received.

    27 years old & 43p.


  • @NewUser140034 Wow, you’re really milking Sturridge. One more injury and I can see him retiring, then his value will be zip.

  • @Westy Possibly might purchase but don't like the spread🤔

  • Benjamin Andre 42p (Lille)

    Already won best mid and star man on a single match day with 205pb. Since moving to Lille he's averaging 119.6 pb. Champions League football and playing for one of the strongest teams in the weakest PB league. Aged 29. Great value.

  • Giovanni di Lorenzo - 54p - Napoli RB - 1 goal and 1 assist already this season. Plenty of winnable games in the next month if IPD is your game. Good for the season if not

  • @Andy-O do you do how bad FF's injury is??

  • @Doug-s No sorry, couldn’t find out how long he’s out for.

  • @Andy-O cheers I could only see about hamstring...hopefully not to bad

  • Takumi Minamino 58p- 24 years old, Japan international.

    Got Champions League football (possible Europa League knockouts) and in a team full of goals in FC Red Bull Salzburg. A Group with Liverpool, Napoli and Genk.

    Has 8 goal contributions in 7 games. Cheaper than most other Salzburg attackers.

  • Daniel Caligiuri 49p. Schalke

    Takes almost every set piece for Schalke. ( good for assist’s)

    Last 2 seasons scores about every 4.5 games. (He’s due one).

    Game on friday.

  • look out for Herrera if he starts for PSG tonight 52p, miles off Verratti price. will have a decent season this year with PSG.

  • Adama Traore (Metz) 24 years old - 50p

    Just scored a 161pb. No goals, no assists and on the losing side...

    Going by his stats his PB has been improving game by game. Metz are rubbish but he seems their standout player.

    1 goal, 3 assists so far this season. One to keep an eye on

  • @Ben_pz said in Under 60p players:

    Adama Traore (Metz) 24 years old - 50p

    Just scored a 161pb. No goals, no assists and on the losing side...

    Going by his stats his PB has been improving game by game. Metz are rubbish but he seems their standout player.

    1 goal, 3 assists so far this season. One to keep an eye on

    Firstly, please feel free to not post virtually the same comment on numerous threads, it becomes tiresome reading the same posts from the same person over and again.

    Secondly, yeah not a bad score, but mounir chouiar also posted a high score without scoring, assisting or winning (fair enough no loss points), he plays for dijon who are also not a great team. And is currently top forward, even when comparing price I know which I'd rather choose

    Lastly, surely their standout performer would be their main goalscorer habib diallo with 9 in 16

  • @Ddr Hang on are you not repeating what you just said regarding Mounir Chouir? A bit hypocritical.
    I repeated it in that thread because it was a relevant reply to what you just posted about Chouir. I was just joining in the conversation and trying to be helpful. Chill out

    Regarding Habib Diallo sure, great. He just scored a 77pb averages 57 and never won PB in his life and costs twice as much but I'm sure he's been great.

  • @Ben_pz apologies if I came across surly but your post in the other thread wasnt posted as a response to me so it looks as if you're just trying to pump the same player on different threads because you hold. I commented on his score and the situation with selling him recently, not pumping him. Just imagine if half of the forum users posted the same message a couple of times on different threads

    Regarding diallo, hes probably a better ipd value flip even at just over double the price, plus there is transfer spec with him to bigger clubs, Chelsea, spurs and Leicester all linked within the last month. So the fact that he hasn't won pb in as you've already stated, a very poor Metz team isnt really a problem at this point in time

  • @Ddr Ok no worries just think it was a bit of an overreaction. I wasn't trying to just post everywhere I just thought it was very relevant to what was just said in the conversation. If you look at my previous posts I'm not one to simply pump players with no justification.

    Adama Traore is on loan from Monaco. He won Golden Ball for best player at the under-20 world cup and looks like he's finally coming of age while posting serious PB scores. Yes I am pumping a player I just bought into because I genuinely think i've just found a bargain.

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