Under 60p players

  • Mothiba from Strasbourg 9 goals last year and in europe this season. 46p.

  • Ajer from Celtic has dropped 5p to 53p over the past few days.. Had a quick search and can't see a reason why. Already hold at a loss on him atm but considering topping up whilst he's low.

  • @Tom77 said in Under 60p players:

    Mothiba from Strasbourg 9 goals last year and in europe this season. 46p.

    Been linked with Watford today.

  • I've gone in on Edin Dzeko. I went in at 39p and he's slowly risen to 45p. Strongly linked to Inter Milan. I think his price should keep rising until the start of the season.

  • Solly March at Brighton about 30p should perform better next year with a more attack minded manager

  • El ghazi , currently 0.56p , reached 0.75p after play off finals again but is now gone to a very good price, villa look to sign him after his loan spell which should give a rise having a young skill full winger in the prem is surely underpriced?

  • Jorge Mere, picked for the Spain U21s team for the European Championships so should get some exposure. Recently promoted to the Bundesliga with Koln. Linked with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in January. £25m release clause in his contract. £0.47

  • I believe Josh Maja has everything it takes to become a big hype next year. He’s Englishman, a young player (born 1998) and started playing regularly in Bordeaux at the end of the season (and scored his first goal). He scored almost every game in Sunderland before he was sold to the French club. Just 49P at the moment and I believe that’s definitely worth a chance.

  • @NewUser174734

    48 pence :)

  • Miliovjevic for palace has to be a bargain at 51p
    Scored 12/13 goals last year and with VAR and the way Zaha goes at players he will have penalties willy nilly.

    How many other players can score over 10 goals from midfield in the prem and be 50p odd.

    People have talked about this before but nothing major has happened with his price.

  • Edson Alverez, wolves are meant to be buying him in the coming days, 40% increase to 37p today but see no reason he’s not hitting 50p once confirmed.

  • Not sure if he was mentioned already but Oscar Rodriguez 20 yo Real Madrid midfielder on loan this season at Leganes where he got 4 goals and 4 assists. Started 29 games in his debut La Liga season and already has 1 PB win getting top player also. Racked up scores of 196, 167, 162 & 157 in the last 6 or 7 months so looks to have big PB potential for such a young player.

    Played most of his games in center mid but known for his versatility also playing attacking mid and on both wings which should favor him if he returns to Madrid or goes to another big club as there were links to Chelsea and Barcelona last year.
    It's already been confirmed that he'll stay on loan at Leganes for another year which should be beneficial for his development and hopefully his PB too!

    Looks a real talent and already starting the majority of games getting some good PB scores so at 58p he seems to be really undervalued.

  • Neil etheridge will definitely go up once move to perm goes through
    One of the best keepers in league last season
    Easy 20% by Christmas

  • Lebo Mothiba currently at Strasbourg has had an impressive season is getting linked to the PL. Looks like Watford are after him so could be a matter of time. Only 51p in the index. Great value for a leading striker who’s 23. Also possible PB during the African cup of nations

  • Maximilian Eggestein 55p. 10 G & A's last season, German u21 starting next week. pushing for Euro 2020 squad. 1 positional win last year and expect him to push on again next season. worth a look.

  • Vanaken starting to move in the right direction again. I dont hold but last I saw, a PB transfer appeared dead in the water, has that changed?

  • Daniel Sturridge free transfer likely destination Leicester to challenge Vardy, was 44p slight spike now 49p

  • @NewUser263643 do you get PB for afcon?

  • @NewUser174734 Just bought a 100 shares in Josh Maja - I have to agree with you, he has everything going for him, English, young and has the same agent as Jadon Sancho.

    A host of big clubs were looking at him before move to Bodeaux. Should get more game time next year and rumours likely to start of big move if he peforms.

  • Bourigeaud still looks a real bargain to me at 47p
    Linked to Napoli, Sevilla and inter now , while if he stays at Rennes he’s in with a shout of PB in the Europa league.

    Could see him really smashing PB if he joins somewhere like Napoli where he ll get more possession and passing

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