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  • @Mog9 said in Under 60p players:

    Anyone think there's value in the likes of bonucci and pique? I know that they're getting on in their career and probably only have a handful of years left, but surely will both start for their respective teams

    Yes, lots of value in them. They are less than half the price of some of the young pretenders to their crowns, the difference is they're already in top teams and winning dividends. They both have contracts until June 2022 so it would seem Barcelona and Juventus think they have 3 years left each.

    Personally think they're both ridiculously undervalued, Bonucci especially. If Sarri does get the Juventus job then you can expect to see Bonucci endlessly passing the ball all game for 1 point per pass.

  • @Manu said in Under 60p players:

    Michy Batshuayi 60p , with Chelsea not able to sign anyone I can’t understand how he is so cheap whilst Tammy Abraham is flying up and is nearly three times the price. It all depends on the new manager of course but I can only see his price going up.....with only Batshuayi, Giroud and Abraham I think he’ll get plenty of games.

    Appreciate he's had a rise since your post but I've only just seen it. I thought the same about Batshuayi and have been holding for a while. Even if his overall PB game isn't that good, he has won PB a couple of times in the past because he's a great goal scorer.

    Looking on WhoScored, since his breakthrough at Marseille 4 years ago:

    5 goals in 8.5 games at Palace.
    2 goals in 9.5 games at Valencia.
    9 goals in 13 games at Dortmund.
    9 goals in 8 games at Chelsea.
    28 goals in 49 games at Marseille.
    4 goals in 3 games for Belgium.


    Valencia is the only slightly dodgy spell, but Valencia were generally crap at the start of the season when he was there. He deserves a run at Chelsea and if not there he should score goals somewhere else with his record. Given that he's a proven goal scorer, only 25 years old and is set to be in a PB league next season, it's a bit odd to see him considerably cheaper than goal scorers in non PB leagues.

  • @Yellow Yeah no doubt, bonucci, thiago silva, pique, asamoah, alves, ramos all look like experienced defenders at terrific value. Low risk spreads and great for pb matrix and divs too. All play for quality sides. With ipd's now a factor i would fancy at least half of those to nearly double before october. Most of them did last year.

  • James Ward-Prowse 57p

    Had a great 2nd half of the season when he was brought back in to the side and was a key player which rewarded him with England call ups. I think he’s good at that price right now.

  • Thilo Kehrer – PSG – 51p – Made his international debut for Germany this weekend, assisting once against Estonia. RB and played 28 times in Lique 1 for PSG after joining them for £35m last summer from Schalke. Only 22 years old with lots of growth potential.

  • @Barkez_86 Agree with James Ward-Prowse. With VAR coming in and penalties having increasing importance players like Ward-Prowse will become more valuable. Brilliant free-kick taker and takes penalties. He scored 7 goals last year in 20 starts. Finishing the season strongly and Hasenhuttl seems to favour him.

  • The biggest standout player in this price range for me is Milivojevic. Palaces top goal scorer is on set pieces and penalties. Hes only 56p and i think he’s a great value PB hold for next season

  • @Black-wolf agree if Zaha stays as he won many of those penalties. If they lose Zaha he could be 5+ goals down next season.

  • @Ben_pz

    as a Saints fan and season ticket holder I would say he is the only one of our players I am tempted to invest in. i held some Josh Sims last season, but only short term as he isn't going to become a top 6 player imo. JWP and Valery have the potential to rise over next season. I've seen Ings mentioned on a few threads, but I just don't see him staying fit long enough. If you can buy and sell on his injuries you could make a bit, but too much like hard work for me that one.

  • @Webbinho with VAR i reckon it will mean more penalties with or without Zaha

  • Seems to have stayed under the radar but Landry Dimata @ £0.42 looks valuable and hasn’t seen much of a change in price after a successful season on loan from Wolfsburg and had a good game the other day in the wc u21s. Youngster scoring goals playing first team football has to have value.

  • @Ben_pz Absolutely agree. He is now a 8-12 goal a season midfielder on the fringes of the England squad. Based on valuations of other players in a similar position he should be worth 0.8-1. Rumours were circulating on saints forum (seemed a genuine ITK), that Spurs are lurking to put pressure of Alli which makes sense as Poch is known to be a fan. A bit outside the box but I would also be tempted by Lemina (I hold JWP and Sims but not Lemina). Whilst there are no rumours, I could see him getting a decent sized move to Serie A. He's largely out of favour and get the feeling he doesnt want to be here. And rightly or wrongly he has a reputation for being a very good player. Juventus on his c.v. will still mean he has decent valuation. Could see someone like Inter going in for him .

  • What do you think of Janik Haberer at £0.17? Plays for freiburg in the bundesliga.

  • @NewUser355088 He signed for Anderlecht on a permanent deal. Think he went for around £4m

  • Gimenez at 51p seems a steal? No longer in Godin's shadow at club level and likely to go far with Uruguay in the Copa, seems set for a really good season

  • Keanan Bennetts ex Tottenham player 44p English in Grman league, got a few goals and assists, only a young lad, just needs a few goals in high profile games and will climb up in value, hes only 20.

  • @babyShrew said in Under 60p players:

    Keanan Bennetts ex Tottenham player 44p English in Grman league, got a few goals and assists, only a young lad, just needs a few goals in high profile games and will climb up in value, hes only 20.

    I held him for six months last year, he didn't get one minute not sure where your getting his goals and assist from.
    Hope he gets in the team this year.

  • @Tom77 I was going off his transfermrkt stats, was assumed he had got the stats since joining his new club, i feel such a fool lol. Hopefully things will change, makes sense now why he was 44p lol.

  • Bernard 45p - Had a pretty dire season by all accounts last season but got a lot of game time and looked to sharpen up towards the end, there's a good player in there so I think there would be quite a bit of room to rise if he could provide a bit more end product.

    Theo Hernandez 48p - Still only 21 years old and looks likely to leave Madrid after his loan spell last season. There were a lot of Napoli links 2 or 3 weeks ago but it seems to have gone quiet for now so his price is dropping a little back towards where it was. Could be quite a rise here if he does get a decent move and with Madrid confirming the Mendy signing I would imagine this increases the chances of Hernandez getting a move away.

  • Hateboer (52p) - Atalanta
    Castagne (54p) - Atalanta.

    Both stand out as bargains to me, both in the mix for their International sides now and will be exposed to Champions League football next season. Because of the style of play at Atalanta both also score very high PB scores and end up with assists and goals.

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