Emiliano Buendia

  • 8 goals and 12 assists for Norwich this year and soon to be testing his talent in the Premier League, does anyone else think 92p is a decent price to get in on him or wait until closer to the start of the season?

    Influenced a lot of Norwich games this year and missed him when he wasn't in the team, part of the Real Madrid youth system and likes to get on the ball and dictate play.

    Already seen highs of £1.13 , can people see him going high in the PBL?

    Norwich have had a decent run of late in recognising decent talent with the likes of Maddison and Max Aarons breaking into the first team and being linked with Spurs. Emi is by far the heart beat of the team and can see them surprising a few next year.

    Appreciate anyones thoughts.

  • @letsby-avenue you seem to have convinced yourself!

  • Not seen him play but bought in 3 months ago on the recommendation of some Norwich supporting mates. They adore him and reckon he’s cut out for the Premier League.

    I’m hoping for one good showing on MOTD early in the season, that’ll be all he needs for his price to rise considerably!

  • Watch him every week at Norwich. He's up there with one of the best players I've ever seen in my time watching Norwich in 15 years, perhaps only second to Maddison.

    He's not just got goals and assists in his locker either, his rate of tackles per game is incredible for a forward. I imagine that's going to make him a decent PB player.

    I'm not sure why he's dropped so heavily lately, the only thing he lacks is MB as he almost certianly won't move during the summer. Obviously i have a slight bias but I honestly believe 92p is a great price.

  • Don’t think Norwich won a single game last season when Buendia didn’t play.

  • @NewUser305854 said in Emiliano Buendia:

    Don’t think Norwich won a single game last season when Buendia didn’t play.

    correct. Our win ratio with and without him is all the proof you need of his obvious quality.

  • @JackNorwich you must have missed the good times at norwich u wipper snapper!

  • @CLACKETT born in '96 so missed the glory days!

  • @CLACKETT Got Jeremy Goss in Munich on your mind?

  • @Timothee-Atouba of course! think a lot of quality players come above both buendia and maddison. Bearing in mind 1st season buendia n Madison was in championship for a couple.

  • Bought him a while ago and currently at a loss on him but I know he’s going to fly as he’s an exciting player, like someone stated, look at where Maddison is now...

  • @NewUser251821 doubt Buendia will get as high as Maddison as quickly (Maddison is English and there’s a premium on that) but I fully expect him to go above £1.50 in the first few months of the new season. He’s young, very skillful and full of tricks, and I can see him doing very well in the Prem.

  • @NewUser731 purpose of the post was to try and un-convince myself.

    Can you suggest anyone else in that price bracket playing BPL football next season who in theory should score highly in dividends. Only one I can see is Jota £1.15. Does anyone else here hold him from last season and what kind of return did he post?

    Are there any Sheff Utd attacking midfielders that can do the business? These teams aren't going to get rolled over next year. I'd be worried if I was a Brighton fan!

    As posted I cant see anyone who looks like a better bargain than Emi right now but would like to be shown a few options in my price range that I may have over looked.

    Cheers for all the positive comments guys.

  • @letsby-avenue Jimenez 62p?

    I have concerns about Norwich in the Premier league. Played impressively in the champ last season,but historically promoted teams score 50% less goals in the Premier league.

    There's normally an increase in goals conceded, but that isn't as pronounced . Norwich have conceded the most goals of a promoted championship team barring huddersfield(who conceded 1 more) in the last 4 seasons.

  • @letsby-avenue for me if you are looking to play the in play dividend market then you need to steer clear of the premier league. So much better value of you look at any of the other top leagues.

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