Youcef Ital - FI flaw or just our lucky benefit

  • Is Ital likely to have his position changed now or anytime before end of season? He’s classed as a defender but plays up-front. Surely if it stays like that then he will be odds on favourite for PB each week, until someone changes it?

  • Personally I think hes good value in either position. I have no idea what the odds are that his FI position will be changed or when. There's been shocking lack of clarity on this from FI. Opta decides the positions, that's about all I know on the subject.

  • It’s atal fucksake

  • He hasn't played up front nearly enough IMO. Vieira's just been experimenting with the squad and playing Patrick Burner in Youcef's position a handful of times when Atal was injured. Yes, he's versatile as fuck but you can't compare him to a Joshua Kimmich or Nico Schulz in this case.

  • It works both ways really. You could say he has more chance of winning PB when he plays in defence as he passes more and makes more tackles, interceptions etc.
    Playing up front he has more chance of scoring , but then still gets clean sheet points.
    So a good hold either way I’d say.

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