Joao Filipe

  • I know there must be a thread on this guy but cannot find it. I have held for a few months, bought at £1.01, currently at £1.52. What are people’s thoughts, is he a worth a long term hold? Any transfer spec? Or is his price just inflated as he is young, plays for Benfica just like felix?

  • I had him for a short while and cashed it out. Had high hopes but watched a youtube of his best bits and was underwhelmed. Most of the clips were of him doing a trick, but then he either dived immediately after, or he released the ball and the clip ended, so was obvious he had lost possession.

    Will be interesting to see what happens if Felix goes, as Pizzi puts everything on a plate though

  • pros and cons. If poch likes him hes probably class however he is young and youve made a nice profit there for someone who hasnt done anything yet

  • @kaka8 yea, just thinking if that £300 could be used better elsewhere!

  • @Sam-L
    still its nice to be thinking about that instead of the complete randomness of who will be first goalscorer next weekend.
    thank you Adam Cole

  • @kaka8 agreed! A more civilised punt on FI!

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