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  • I've done this myself on other sites, so people can get a feel of a successful (ish) trader's daily activity.

    However, as I'm still getting to grips with this, I was wondering if a) there'd be any interest from people in seeing something like this and b) if someone fancied giving us insight into their trades?

    Below is what I'd have put for mine, barely any time at all but massively helps out understanding the mindset of experienced traders. Just something simple like:

    22/7: All time +18.32%, 7 day +2.06%, 24hr +0.04%
    Bought: Neymar (25 @ £4.12), Batshuayi (50 @ £0.84)
    Sold: Buffon (25 @ £0.75 instant sell)
    Confident on Neymar holding value, possibly increasing due to buzz & Opta. Batshuayi is only a short term trade (rumoured to be going on loan to Swansea in a Llorente deal)
    Buffon was only a punt, didn't rise how I expected- cut my losses, don't think he'll perform particularly well in Opta.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Seems like a good idea to me mate, looking forward to your next recording.
    Mine is as follows:

    Total investment £900 - Portfolio Value £2848.46 - ROI 316%

    23/7: All time +12.35%, 7 day +7.19%, 24hr -0.34%

    Bought : NIL

    Sold: NIL

    800 Zlatan @£1.84 (Confident he will sign for united come OCT/NOV and rise to £4+)
    200 Mertens @£1.14 (The rest are PB options I consider to be undervalued compared to market)
    200 Naingollan @£0.85
    200 Tolisso @£0.49
    100 Douglas Costa @£0.69
    100 Jamie Vardy @£0.84

  • @NewUser60198 that's a good looking portfolio!
    I'm still finding my feet so will be a very interested reader more than a contributor.
    Think you're right about Zlatan, might have a dabble myself.

  • My current portfolio


    Invested approx 10% of my budget in each of them. Generally they are players with a decent history of media buzz wins or decent defensive PB options. Keeping away from transfer spec players after getting burned earlier in the summer. Kane could be England captain for the World Cup.

  • @Mike78 Looks good mate, some strong ones there that will defo pick you up plenty of dividends through the season. Although the pb defenders could be risky as were not 100% clear on how it will work yet and also looking like penny stocks coming in very soon which will devalue all defenders back down to 60-90p.
    I would recommend transferring the funds tied in those into neymar or like you say kane. its all about holding more futures of the ones youre confident in rather than a variety of ones you fancy.

  • @FI_Neo 25/07: sold all PB based players from above and bought 200 Morata at £4.08, guaranteed to rise if starts well and will win few more buzz regardless.
    holding 800 zlatan and 200 Morata also have a few Griezzman and Gundogan to monitor them as these will be my next investments. AG will surely be £6 by January window if not next summer and gundogan is undervalued because of injury back soon and a quality player that can score goals and gets assists.

  • Not sure how you can be so confident penny stocks will affect the defenders most. We don't have any concrete details about it yet, and defenders are guaranteed a share of the PB dividend so are still good value compared to the most expensive midfielders/strikers.

    Personally I feel that zlatan (who knows how/where he will be on his return, and even if he does sign a new contract with united he will likely be gone the following summer), gundogan (very injury-prone) and griezmann (a lot can change in one year) are all potentially risky holds.

    Agree that Neymar is pretty much the safest hold right now and in the forseeable future for combined media/performance buzz. Kane is an interesting one, should do pretty well with opta but never really generates much media buzz considering his price.

  • Sold Ramos at 1.71 (IS)
    Was in sale queue for 2 days and price dropped by 1p so decided to get rid by IS and cash profits.

    A key metric for defenders competition wise is players in the same team so I'm not going anywhere near Spurs, Chelsea or man Utd defenders (other than Linderlof for different reasons). Marcello looks like being promoted sooner or later which makes it 3 Madrid defenders which to me makes all of them a no-go.

    Generally a defender has a head start in the PB race if their team wins and keeps a clean sheet. The last thing you want is multiple other defenders getting the same bonus which is why I don't understand the Rose rise.

    I think Penny stocks will hurt all PB players. I'm hoping though that if people see multiple PB going to players like Sandro and co their price will rocket and you can exit before penny stocks become a profit.

  • @Mike78 said in Trader's diary:


    before penny stocks become a problem (edit)

  • 26/7: All time +22.07%, 7 day +6.31%, 24hr +0.03%

    I'm also moving away from trying to predict the PB Defenders and moving towards the solid performers.

    Current portfolio:
    Pogba: I expect good things when the legaues back and he's linking in with Lukaku a little more.
    Costa: Bought last season, price plummeted but there'll hopefully be some interest in him before the start of the season. Either that, or there'll be some buzz around him staying (over optimistic, I know, but I've lost almost 50% on him)
    Mbappe: A couple of times I wanted to sell, but I knew he'd start to get buzz and a price rise on the back of some serious bids. Up around 50%, so he's my 'anti-costa'.
    Alex Sandro: Was always going to have scope to increase with the level of interest around him. Holding out for a £1.75 price then cutting loose.
    Mendy: Misjudged this one, thought there'd be a battle for his signature. He's one of the Def PB punts I'll probably chop shortly if he carries on looking shady.
    Sanchez: Saw he was at a good price and think it was solid value. Potential increase on transfer rumours. If not, great long term anyway due to potential unrest as well as a strong performer.
    Batshuayi: Looking to offload when I won't be making a loss (I expected a little more interest in him after the Morata signing- hopefully loan rumours will begin shortly).
    Neymar : See Sanchez.
    Dybala: See Neymar.

  • @CleanShirtTrader completely agree on most of these, would be a good idea to scout last season's POTM throughout the teams and leagues as is visible with the players you're looking at, and invest long-term.

  • Think Barkley's about to rocket- Koeman says he's leaving '100%'.
    Jumped on at £2.00, we'll see where this goes...

  • Sanshez is one of those I've been too wimpy to invest in. Buzz magnet, just always been afraid he is on the verge of a crash if he moves away so cried away.

    If you can get a decent price for Mendy I'd sell - too many City defenders for me to consider any of them. Even if City win and keep a clean sheet, 3 other players get the same points.

    Dybala is annoying - bought him, sold him for about the same (didn't think he scored enough) and missed out on his rise. What did you get him for ?

  • @Mike78 £1.87 a pop for Dybala. Hoping Neymar moves and Barça get him as a replacement.

    Pleased with the boost in price for Batshayi, so shipped him off.

    Binned Mendy- saw no rise on the horizon and wanted the cash for Kane. Decided he's massively underpriced pre-World Cup.
    English, top scorer at a Premier League club in the Champions League who could captain his country... £££
    (Now watch him get crocked tomorrow in pre-season...).

  • Bought and Sold Alves for about 30p profit per future. I was certain the 'stats' published on the twitter were going to big for him going by hints by the people who did them so easy to make a few quid.

    Then broke my own rules and got burnt by Lucas by following the rise. My own fault for being lazy on that one.

  • I saw Lucas drop aswell, I don't understand what happened there. As soon as those twitter stats were released him value dropped and dropped, literally within minutes of those stats coming out.

  • ...twitter stats? (still a newbie, don't laugh too much...).

  • Hi matey, there is a few accounts on Twitter that posted some player stats based on last years performance and a prediction of what they think could happen this year.

    Here are a few accounts I follow:

  • Decided to jump in on the Alves bandwagon- all the attributes you want from a wingback, in a p*ss easy league meaning a few clean sheets and no PSG defenders in sight for a while meaning he should clean up on the PBs. When it's so conclusive at the start, everyone will pile on him after a couple of weeks and his price will rise.

    Also now building for the future (i think)- stocking up on Kane because if you ignore he's 2nd most expensive, he has MASSIVE potential to grow and pile in the buzz/PB.
    Adding extra Alli futures too- he's not even at £4, and has similar appeal to Kane.

    Getting really twitchy about Mbappe- have a horrible feeling he's going to plummet, but I can't say why. I also can't provide a reason to keep him. One to leave for another day.

    Feeling the same about Barkley and Dybala- the former should have transfer value, the latter PB with Juventus. But I'm just not convinced anymore.

  • Decided to hedge my bets- didn't want to wait for Dybala to start hitting PB when I could get involved in Sigurdsson so I swapped him out for the Iceman.
    Hopefully being left out of the squad due to 'transfer pressure' is a good sign. Pretty cheap at £1.19 all things considered.

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