Martin Odegaard

  • So he's had a nice rise in the last day or there any particular reason for this? Thought he was potentially staying in Holland? (not complaining about the rise!!)

  • Goal and 2 assists in play off for Europe last night. He'll settle back our more than likely cos that's the last football he'll play till next season I think. Will be a great buy in august

  • I'm wondering if maybe Dutch league may soon be added to the pb leagues?
    At some point that has to be an option and Odegaard will be a prime candidate for pb performances.
    Just my twopennys worth.

  • @Gazz127 interesting that. Ajax proved their quality in the CL and it's not like they walked the eredivisie the way PSG did ligue 1. The over all quality in Holland must be comparable to France I'd say.

  • Where's the confirmation he's staying in Holland?
    His potential is huge so when he does play in a PB league, think he'll earn good PB & MB due to the fact of the Media attention he had off of Real Madrid as a wonder kid

  • @Uncle-G I was gonna wait till August to top up but ive buckled this morning and bought another 300.

    Vitesse have the play off final tomorrow and another good performance will see him rise again.

    As for confirmation of staying in Holland, yes I believe it has been confirmed hes got a 2 year loan to ajax. I got on him in Feb at 70 odd pence. He touched about £1.30 before the end of April playing for vitesse.

    At ajax he'll have CL football. They have a 16 year old kid in their youth team who touched £1.40 about a month ago. I believe odegaard is good enough to fill the boots of the big players ajax will inevitably lose this summer, and in doing so there will be talk of a recall to Madrid, so I think he could easily more than double his current price within a year.

  • Very interesting links with Leverkusen trying to hijack the Ajax move.
    This is not a done deal to Ajax, far from it.

  • I know the rules with MB as regards full names, but it pisses me off that theres a story about Ronaldo talking to Lewis Hamilton that's got him points, and this actual football story doesn't register

  • @Gazz127 Bayer Leverkusen are looking to loan Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid, according to Marca. Real don’t want to sell him permanently despite a bid from Ajax. #B04 #Real #Ajax
    Would be perfect in that team.

  • A move to Leverkusen in a pb league would be a great move.
    He would flourish there.

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