Bertrand Traore

  • I think he has been one of the casualties of a poor season for Lyon, I brought him at the start of the season last year and he was on fire for the first few weeks and then just seem to tail off.
    Looking at his price now it is really cheap to me so I have gone in again.
    He is definitely of the quality of all the other wingers around £1 - £1.50 and I think it’s only a matter of time before he rises quite a lot.
    The rumours of everton could be just talk to get a new club.

    Brandt 202 games 36 goals
    Traore 181 games 57 goals
    Both 23 years old.

  • First good performance next season i will be on him. Defo undervalued.

  • @LuaLua im inclined to do the same... sounded in the Q&A like IPDs are need some new buys when the season starts. he will probably be one as I don't think he will rocket between now and then.

  • His stats stack up very well against players much higher priced than him it’s a matter of time imo before he catches them up.

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