Saul Niguez

  • Saul Niguez at only 0.95p surely holds some value.

    24 years old & valued on Transfermarkt at 80m

    Links to Man City & Man Utd were surfacing not too long ago, I reckon its only a matter of time now.

  • Still strong links but gone a little quiet, don't worry he'll rise soon enough i would think

  • The reason he is valued so high is he signed an 11 year deal a couple of years ago with an extreme buy out clause and any club that wants him will have to pay a lot because of that , clever work from athleico but yes should see a rise at some point

  • Man United just confirmed they're back in for him as they couldn't get Jadon Sancho

  • He's the kind of player Man Utd could do with in my opinion. Quality, experience and a bit of aggression.

    Either him or Sean Longstaff anyway.

  • I think he’s a fantastic player. But I’ve bought him and sold him twice. Just doesn’t seem to grab the attention of the FI community. Hopefully a big move will change all that.

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