Danny Welbeck

  • Danny Welbeck - contract is up in June. Will another premier league team take him? Hes back from injury so could get some game time against Chelsea next week. What kind of wages is he on at Arsenal?

  • Bloody hell...scrapping the barrel now with a 'Danny Welbeck thread' aren't we???

  • Back from injury but for how long? If he was fit he'd find a club easily and would get goals but he, like Sturridge can't stay fit.

  • Read in the London Evening Standard today that Welbeck is in full training and scored a hat-trick in a behind closed doors match last week. They say there is a chance he could be on the bench for the EL Final.

    W Ham, Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Wolves are interested, but Everton are in pole position. As he is very cheap at 53p, he's low risk at that price despite his injury history. I'm getting in!

  • heard somewhere,,, Everton were looking at him!! as could be interested?????? Sturridge and Welbeck would of been Englands top two if they weren't so injury prone as they both score goals when fit and play!!!!!!!!! wont be long before they become the next Carroll!!!!

  • He's up a bit this week. Possibly a place on the bench for him tomorrow?

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