Got any questions for Episode 84 of the podcast?

  • Hey guys, I'm going to be joined by Sam Freedman again for this episode. He's super smart and last appeared in Ep 69:

  • How do I brexit proof my portfolio?

  • Does he know how much extra the NHS will get per week after Brexit?


  • Wait, wait, wait... (Last one)

    Will the remainers ever accept the result of the referendum?


  • @Misto said in Got any questions for Episode 84 of the podcast?:

    How do I brexit proof my portfolio?

    Stick to the young English upstarts.

  • If you were given the choice of 3 dinner dinner guests (living or dead) and
    assuming that your 1st 2 choices had been allocated to Ian Smith (AKA Harold Bishop from Neighbours) and
    Ted Moult - famous for his 'Everest Double glazing' adverts in the early 80's).
    Who would your 3rd and final choice be?

  • This one's for @The-FIG as well.
    What community is the best? Forum, twitter, facebook or slack?
    I'd be careful how you answer this one. We're not afraid to downvote on here.

  • @Ericali well, Sam's ex-boss is the bloke on the right, so.....

    alt text

  • Hi Fig, Whats Sams opinion on the value of young players in France and Germany compared to the English boys? Considering the boys on the continent get much more game time and have better chance of pb. Thanks

  • Hello mate, got a few players not on the index currently that I think will fly if they are IPO. Pretty new to the index so wanted to know what the best strategy is with IPOs?

  • @The-FIG Hi FIG. Great choice!

    I'd like to know more about the psychological side of trading and Sam seems to be very knowledgeable in this area. I'm currently reading 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' by Daniel Kahneman after his recommendation in the previous episode. I'm wondering if he can give any insights and examples from FI into the theories raised in the book, and what it may mean for the future... I think us traders could really do with understanding market dynamics as FI grows and trading strategies become more relevant*.

    *I say this as it can feel (rightly or wrongly) like we are all benefitting from the general growth of FI, and providing you don't overtrade, or make very poor decisions, it's difficult for your portfolio to not grow over the long term. However, I feel sometimes that we won't always be this lucky and at some point, we will all need to learn how to trade effectively for profit, and not simply sit back and wait. It would be great to have his thoughts on how market psychology does, and doesn't apply to FI.

  • Getting better at deciding when to sell? What kind of questions should you ask yourself prior to pulling the trigger?

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