To all buying Ipd players

  • I would stop buying them if I was you. They could crash. and You will probably see much better percentage rises in pb players.

    This is because when you push the prices of an ipd player up by as little as 10p that can be 20% of his price. 20% is a big chunk for a player who relies on scoring and beating commission every month. If you push a players price over 15% of what it is now then they will likely be completely irrelevant for most of the year and very few flippers will be buying them.

    Pb players are a different kettle of fish as you they don't have to beat commission every month and at the beginning of every season they all see a very big spike.
    I expect kimmich to be £3 by the time the season starts.
    Laporte to be £1.80
    Akanji to be 1.60

    You will likely see a even bigger percentage rise in old pb players. If you look at their price graphs they often double at the beginning of each season.
    Pique will likely double
    Marcos Alonso

    All these should see much better rises than any ipd players you are buying who quickly become irrelevant to flippers with a small price rise. Because they need to easily beat commission and then still be beating the rest of the index who will all grow in price as new customers come in. They could very quickly become redundant if you push them up.

    Also you destory your own margin for flipping them next season as you set the baseline price so high.
    I think the cheap pb players are so much safer than keepers or stikers. Keepers will crash hard if they keep rising. Just a small percentage rise can destroy their ipd potential and noone will buy them and you'll have to is which will cause a mass sellof.

    If your buying in batches of threehundred the crash that will happen on these ipd players is going to hit real hard. I would advise buying pb players. Just preaching caution.

    Kasper schmeichel at 28p and wout weghorst at 57p make pogba look like a safe hold imo.

  • @LuaLua said in To all buying Ipd players:

    Kasper schmeichel at 28p and wout weghorst at 57p make pogba look like a safe hold imo.

    You were making a decent argument until that last line, if Pogba leaves Man Utd (a BIG if) wave goodbye to £7.68 & say hello to £5, losing 1/3 of your investment. IPD players need to be recycled every month anyway so to count will need to be sold but the "raising the bar" argument still holds water but I think much of it is being driven by the wall of money coming onto the platform due to the deposit bonus.

    Holding Vardy at 40p for example is a safe option as his price will fluctuate but will undoubtedly be above 40p at some points in the first few weeks of the season to guarantee an exit with a decent profit. Whilst PB players should also rise there can be no certainty & as for the media darlings or over hyped youngsters they may well face steep falls at some point when their much touted dream move fails or they turn out more like Macheda than Messi.

    I've just noticed my Vardy's were bought at 34p a couple of weeks back & are now 44p so near 30% up already with no IPD games.

  • Buying vardy at 43p now to sell him for what maybe 50p if your lucky at the beginning of the season is not great. And the higher he is the less likely flippers will buy him causing mass sell off.

    Leiecester will have four games in the first 30day window. Going by his average he will gain you 3p in ipd's in this first month. (or 2.96p to be precise)
    At 40p thats not a bad return. 7.5%
    Much higher than that and he's useless tho.

    Lets say he's 50p at the start of next season. Suddenly he's down to 6% and you have to minus commission so thats 4%.

    60p start and you only see 3% roi in a month. That's rubbish considering others will be appreciating by much more than that per month.

    You could sell at a peak yes but you might also be caught in a long dip and they will never reach the price they started at at the beginning of the season.

    I'm just worried about loads of people pushing up prices for no other reason than they are good players making this some pyramid scheme. Or theres the chance they push them up and then get burnt hard When their plan fails in the thousands.

    Fair enough about pogba was just tryna make a point 😂😂

    I agree there was money to be made on vardy when so cheap(33p) just dont want him to rise exponentially for no other reason than he's rising. All my ipd players being taken away from me infront of my eyes 😭

  • Are ipd’s confirmed for next season yet?

  • @Gregolocky2018 Not yet.
    Another reason to be careful.

  • Judging by Adam Cole’s comment on the q@a they are staying. Big part of the platform now and give value to the bottom end without doubt.

  • @LuaLua said in To all buying Ipd players:

    Buying vardy at 43p now to sell him for what maybe 50p if your lucky at the beginning of the season is not great.

    Hang on I bought him at 34p (+10% deposit bonus to come) If I sell at 50p at the start of next season that's' 50% give or take in 3 months. Don't get me wrong there may be better buys around but compared to most investments (given the fairly low risk he represents) that's a FANTASTIC RETURN.

    I tend to agree with your price ceiling for IPD players argument however but they can be classed as a safe haven in a largely (deposit bonus inspired) over valued general market. If they become too highly priced IPD buyers will avoid them so any sales will drive down the price to a level that attracts IPD buyers again that's just the "invisible hand of the market" as Adam Smith termed it meaning that the pricing mechanism is dynamic until supply & demand reach an equilibrium.

  • @LuaLua having worked out my calculations there are some IPD players that have gone over an acceptable price for me. There are still plenty that offer great value at their current prices. These players are the ones I will invest in when I have funds available. Once bought it is a win/win situation for me. Either they increase by the start of the season (over my calculated acceptable price) and I sell or when he season starts I flip them and qualify for IPDs. This also helps me avoid the transfer merry-go-round that is too high risk for me to play.

  • @NewUser159387 Agree 34p is a great buy.
    it was more for people buying later in the chain, probably didn't make that clear enough. Just feel like there could be a drop.

    What some people are expecting to happen won't because they haven't done the indepth calculations that ipd's can often require. (ipd per game, Yield per game yield per moth) etc etc) And thus with less understanding greater chance to get burnt as people don't know their true value and could buy well above it.

  • @LuaLua I agree with you there. You definitely have to do the sums but for me they are much more reliable. If you score/assist/clean sheet you get paid out. There is no game winning goal to stitch you, no poxy pogba story to steal your MB. For me it makes the sums nice and easy!

  • I noticed some of my ipd holds shooting up out of nowhere, i was intending to sell them at the start of next season but cashed out when the price was rising. Fingers crossed for aspas next!

  • @NewUser159387
    you think Pogba would be £5 in a market which has encountered a recent share split??

  • @NewUser297399 said in To all buying Ipd players:

    you think Pogba would be £5 in a market which has encountered a recent share split??

    His price is largely driven by MB which was principally fueled by 2 things; being at Man Utd (Biggest media darling club) & his feud with Mourinho (who's no longer there). He got some PB from being the main man & given penalties. If he leaves all those value drivers have gone & there will be precious little to hold up his price.

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