Tammy Abraham

  • Can’t understand why Tammy Abraham’s price is not increasing with the lead up to the playoff final??? He is either going to Win the playoffs and stay with Villa in the Prem or if Villa lose he will rejoin Chelsea or move on loan to a Prem team. I cannot see him playing in the championship next season. Most derby players price are flying, anyone have any ideas why Tammys Prince is not on the up?

  • He’s gone up a lot in last 3 months he’ll go up again .. I was told he was going to wolves but the deal off now and he’s gonna stay at Chelsea at fight to get in first team

  • I think he’s price is reasonable considering how high it is already, similar to Mason Mount.

    Chelsea’s strikers next season as it stands are Giroud, Morata (if he isn’t sold) and Batshuyai. Although I believe he should be in contention to start knowing Sarri he probably won’t.

    You’ll probably see another slight increase a few days before the final but not a huge jump.

  • @JoshAF91 👍

  • I think most people have bought early on this one, so I am not surprised he has levelled off.
    I bought in January and am 100% profit on him already. I think he will still go up as he cements his position but we won't see the big gains in him that we have already seen unless something special happens.

  • His price is low because @MrWh1te has him round his house doing ‘keepy up’ys’ when he should be at training 😂

  • @MrWh1te looks like your are right. I was a little late on this one. I still think he will increase at the weekend and have a bit of a jump once he is confirmed as a prem player. I’m going to keep hold of him.

  • @Lovenkrands He's a pretty safe hold at the moment with PL football nearly guaranteed next season win or loose play off final.
    Can say the same for Wilson,Grealish and Mount.

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