Goalkeepers and bonus

  • Sorry if raised before but are goalkeepers the most stable option to buy into if just looking to put money in to get the 10% bonus, then sell off when 30th June comes?

    Is this the cause for the recent spike in a number of gks? (De gea, Romero, donnarumma).

    I would be looking at the lesser known, cheaper ones such as lecomte (28p Montpellier), Maignan (33p Lille), lafont (39p fiorentina) etc...

  • If you are going to just do it for the bonus, it doesn't really matter who you buy. If it's just to not decrease in value, get an anomaly player who is already retired

  • @Moukoko Well yes you could do that, but based on the last bonus there was a big sell off when the bonus period ended.....imagine same will happen again.

    But GK's have the added benefit of some cap appreciation over an unknown, without being likely to spike when the bonus ends...

  • @Abaalan presumably you won't be the only person trying this tactic so if you have this theory then you will have to sell them early. I hold keepers anyway so won't be selling them off.

  • It's a good question. My guess is pb players who are rising for next season. Then maybe you could look at big players like neymar as no-one's gonna be instant selling with a spread like that. Tough question tbh.

  • Some people are buying keepers for a bit of Capp app before everyone else buys for ipd’s, people just getting on cycles earlier.
    I noticed it weeks ago.

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