The guilbert gamble

  • A question.

    He’s sitting at 28p.

    The variables.
    Villa might recall him.
    Villa might win the play-off.

    Either of these might not happen.

    Villa are 4/6(ish) to get promoted

    You have a grand (that you have to use on one or the other) do you buy Guilbert or put it on villa to be promoted?

  • Bet Villa you have £1666 or nothing
    Buy him he needs to be 49p to get around the same

  • Even if Villa don't get promoted then his value wouldn't fall to zero so the buy is less risk than the bet.

    Rewards won't be so great, his price won't instantly rise 60% just because Villa have won the playoff but you'll still have the futures and potential future rises/PB if and when he plays in the PL

  • @Ringers correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not a case of the recalling him, rather that he signed for them, but they loaned him back to his previous club for the remainder of the season? So, essentially they gave an obligation to him.

    Either way, a good player but a gamble right now. I would go in small and then bigger depending on what happens in the Playoffs.

  • He's 28p you don't need to put a grand on... 500 shares is £140 or 1000 £280... Do you like holding 1000s of shares in a player that won't have massive demand?
    I have 500 Guilbert so would love you to put a grand in...

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