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  • I see comments regularly about sterling being the future king of the index. Hard to argue really. Hes only 2 years younger than pogba tho so if hes gonna become king it needs to start happening I'd say. I'm not betting against it tho.

    Just wondering which other names people would throw into the ring.

    Personally I'm backing pulisic to be at or near the top and I also reckon rashford could be on the cusp of a massive year which could take him pretty close. Sancho would be another obvious shout but that looks like another year away at least now.


  • @MickTurbo I still stunned by how good Havertz is at 19. If he moves to the English league then he'll be there or thereabouts, agree with Pusilic though.

  • Aye not a bad shout havertz actually 👍

  • Greenwood.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Future king:


    May seem an unlikely choice but given his age, nationality, club, position & current hype it really wouldn't take huge amounts for him to start challenging the top 2 places.

  • @MickTurbo said in Future king:

    future king of the index

    Depends how you define it; Most valuable player - Pogba got there by winning dividends (mainly MB) & Neymar too so by that strict definition your Sterling, Pulisic, CHO, Rashford have ZERO chance as they haven't got the game to fit the FI scoring matrix. However if define it by highest priced player then hype & real world ability become important factors so they all have a good chance, as will any new exciting talent that emerges (Greenwood & Jovic types).

    The biggest difference is that not all players are valued on the same basis as all have different IPO prices but simply ranked by "share price". So to get an accurate valuation we should actually use market capitalisation (price x number of futures) but FI doesn't release the number of futures issued in any players (to my knowledge) so it's impossible to calculate.

  • For me it was quite signifcant this week that Mbappe showed personality with his comments at the PSG awards, could be a future indicator on media scores picking up if he continues to speak out.

    On the pitch he's going to be winning everything over the coming years at club and national level + topping the scoring charts regularly. He's the future king and ballon d'or winner when he gets his first champions league.

  • Rashford or Felix is my bet

  • Got to be sterling. Some great pb scores this year. Young english redemption story. Regular twitter banter. Leader against racism. Leader at Man city. That said if Pogba stays at united I see him holding the crown for a long time.

  • Has to be Sancho for me.
    Will come back to the PL after Euro 2020 - most likely to Man Utd - and will be media gold. Just imagine the scenes when the ex Man City kid helps lead Man Utd back to the top! (and no im not a Man Utd fan!).

  • Sterling for me. Produces the goods on the pitch, and is a staunch anti-racism campaigner so gets a lot of MB. Prone to the odd silly thing too. I think he's the best value in the top players right now.

  • Don't rule out Mbappe, especially if he gets a move to Real Madrid this Summer. Still only 20 years too.

  • IMO, Sterling will be in the top within the next 2 years. Mbappe will probably be there if he has a good Euro 2020. Sancho could be another next.

    Summer 2020 will be the time to determine whom.

  • Only neymar, mbappe and messi in the top 10 without being English or playing in England. Shows you need to be truly exceptional or a massive divs returner. Theres some fantastic players at huge clubs, with age on their side who cant reach £3.50.

  • Sancho, Sterling, CHO on the English side of things definitely.
    From outside the English...Felix for me, possible big move this summer but if he stays, then 2020 Euros and then a big move if he carries on as he is.

  • Can't disagree with sterling, CHO is already a media darling at a really young age, Mbappe due to the fact he's World Class, Felix & Sancho, any of the Dutch De's & any young talented English player really

  • Sancho when he plays for united.

  • @Tom77 in that scenario hed be a cracking bet. Its longer odds on utd getting back into the CL tho which would have to happen

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