How do you control your Portfolio's

  • I am struggling to control the amount of players i buy into as i think i'm constantly spotting good players with potential, good PB etc & have to buy shares (FOMO)
    Anyone have any advise as at present i have 76 players!!!!!!

  • @Uncle-G I have 115 but 22 just 1 future as a way to track um. I can’t help you anyway 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I've gone from 7 players to 33 over the last month.

    Could easily start to spiral out of control but my plan is this. I'm not buying into anyone new with fresh money. At least not in the short term. I've got maybe a dozen players I think have a massive chance of 50-100% cap app throughout the summer. When they realize this potential or close to it, I'll sell up, then and only then will I reinvest the resulting money into new players. So in theory I shouldn't get any higher than 33 holds.

    Of course theres the chance I miss the boat with one or 2. I fear it's happened with de gea. But I can live with that as ivd got plenty of targets.

    In summary I think the trick is not to just mindlessly keep players because they're a long term hold. If you reach a profit you're happy with, put the money elsewhere where it may work harder for u.

  • Slight tangent. Is it possible to rearrange the order in which your holds appear in your portfolio?

  • 60% of my portfolio value 4 premium players whom i dont plan to touch - just collect the MB/PB.

    35% 5 to 6 pb players medium to long term holds.

    15% for short flips and IPD - keeps it fun!

    With all that said this is where i plan to be start of the season, right now its not optimal to be locked into that format.

  • @MickTurbo Only thing is I've reinvested new money to get the Summer Bonus, so contemplating whether to out into new players or existing but I like your thinking of don't sell until they've hit the mark.
    You can rearrange but only for shares owned, price, rise/fall etc.
    Will be good if/when you can organise your port as Long term, short term, PB, MB, IPD etc

  • @NewUser39202 quite like that idea, are you a large, medium or small investor?

  • I’ve got a portfolio dog 🐕 (Curtis Blow) to keep the buggers in line .

    Curtis takes shit from no one.

    I’ve told him to have words with Carrasco and tell him to stop pissing around in Russia.

  • @Uncle-G I invested very heavily this morning for the same reason. I put I 2k. Prior to that my total investment was only about 1500 since Feb. The benefit is 2 fold though. Obviously the 10%. But I lost too much money to IS because I wanted to up my stake in a given player. FOMO basically. I've now got at least 200 shares in every player now barring 5 single share players for tracking purposes. So now if a player spikes I've got a reasonable holding already so I've hopefully done my last IS

  • @Uncle-G have you seen what Indexgain offer? would particularly recommend for tracking big portfolios

  • @Keegans-Bluff I do use it mate & love the graphs but i'm only on the free so don't get all other perks ( i'm a tight arse lol)
    I'm in the low end of 4 figures for investment so would you say it's worth it?

  • I use index gain because I have loads of young players(50-60) to keep an eye on about 50%,I have the other 50% in players I don’t plan on selling anytime soon so no real need to watch them

  • @Uncle-G i would personally, particularly if you're struggling to manage your port. the myport tool is really good for this. also think if you use the other tools to assess players then you could quite conceivably pay for the yearly subs with one trade. and if you are a more short-term trader then the price move tools are very useful too.

    I think there's a new sign up offer (through @The-FIG ?) where you get a introductory offer for the first month, so would recommend giving it a try for 30 days and can easily cancel after that if you don't fancy it.

    [I'm just a user of it btw, have no affiliation to them]

  • @Keegans-Bluff it didn't even cross my mind until you put that last sentence in lol
    Hopefully your man sees this & can help me out, would definitely give it a try

  • @Uncle-G - lower end of 4 figures invested, small or medium dependant on your prespective!

  • @Uncle-G my man? if you mean FIG - that's Football Index Guide, he mentioned it on a few podcasts, not sure if it's still running but probably on his twitter. easy to drop him a msg if you're interested.

  • @NewUser39202 110% portfolio 😜

  • @NewUser39202 Would like to say small but that would be lying lol

  • @NewUser39202 How have you managed to get a portfolio of 110% - 60, 35,15?

  • I used to have a great system controlled with a mega spreadsheet, but my computer got stolen and I hadn't back the damn document up (despite everything else being backed up).

    Since then I haven't been able to face the amount of work reconstructing it, and suddenly my protfolio feels a lot less controlled - I'm buying and selling a lot more, but to be fair I am making more money. However, I am in this for the long term and I need to remember that is my core strategy.

    My system btw was a core funding of £4000, with 5x players at £200, 10x players at £100, 20x players at £50, and 50x players at £20. Then rising each of these the more cap app I make from selling (e.g. if I make £100 from a sale, I'll add one more £50 player, and 2x £20 players). It just means my risk is very spread out, and although I've never had masive portfolio rises, generally as the index goes up, so does my port.

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