Van de Beek

  • I know there’s a thread somewhere else but couldn’t find it. I’m still holding him at a loss of 35pps and can’t decide whether it’s time to sell or hold for any chance of transfer spec to reduce my losses a bit. I sold ziyech and De Ligt both at a loss and then within days of selling they both shot up so I don’t want to make the same mistake for a third time 😅 worth holding still or not?

  • England vs Holland 6/6. I dont hold him but I wouldn't sell anyone likely to be involved with an England game on the horizon. Especially in the red. D Day as well for what its worth

  • I wouldn’t sell either, I did hold and luckily sold at the right time, I predicted a Tottenham victory in semi finals and sold up my Ajax player prior to the game and made a tidy profit.
    I am 100% coming back in for de breek before the start of next season as I fully expect him to stay at Ajax this year and think he move next year.
    Regardless if he moves or not I’m sure once the new season starts he will begin to rise again and should get back to his previous price before there champion league exit.
    So if I was you I would sit tight and be patient his value will go back up in time.

  • @MickTurbo good point! Thanks

  • @WLR10 Id only been on the index for a week or so when I bought him so was still making mistakes. I think I bought him at almost his highest, looking back it wasn’t the best move. I agree that he’ll rise long term as he’s still young and should improve but wasn’t sure whether it’s worth selling now or after nations league and then getting back into him before the season starts

  • One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt in the 4 months that I have been trading is PATIENCE as you only make a loss if you sell. I am also slightly in the red with Beek but he is a quality player and his price will increase so hang in there.

  • Too good to sell at a loss, patience is key especially with this guy, think he'll be with Felix as worlds best players in a few years

  • Hold unless you need the money.
    Got a boat load of kante and been holding for a good 18months. Been slowly drifting down since World Cup. But now getting near to what I paid for them at 54p. Preying in a move to PSG or Real Madrid over the nx 12 months. It a be a long slog but will only sell at a profit. So unless you’re skint believe in why you bought in the 1st place 👍

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