Ryan Sessegnon keep or sell

  • Do you think now's a good time to sell? I have 100 futures and am 69p up on him now at 2.26.
    I'm of a mind to hold, but not totally convinced

  • Think he's worth holding for a little longer. Less risk involved as he's so unlikely to leave the prem i think. And he's got so much mediabuzz potential. Wait for the next peak and reassess.

  • If you are happy with 69p increase(and you should be), I personally would cash him in and buy 2 players at about a quid each.

    There's no guarantee of a move this year and I suspect if he did get a PL move, he'd be loaned back for a year.

    You could get Rob Skov and Timothy Weah(don't hold either) with some change to help me out by getting on Javier Ontiveros 🤔

  • wait until at least he gets a prem move. hold.

  • I think he's a banker to move to a top 6 Prem side and he's said he wants his future sorted before U21 Champs in June. I'll be amazed if he isn't £2 50 per share minimum at some stage over the next month. He's also one of the first names on the England U21 teamsheet so will get a rise prior to or during the tournamemt.

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