Yussuff Poulsen

  • Hi All,

    Pretty new to this (1 purchase to date). Looking at getting some undervalued players and wanted to get your thoughts on Poulsen. Seems like he did not get much hype at Leipzig last year and their players seem fairly priced considering they finished 3rd? Seems to be a 6ft 3 quickish (for his size) striker/ winger who has scored 15 goals in 31 league games, With Tim Werner more than likely moving he should be more prominent and at 24 years old with Champions League games is he good value at 61p? Would also be interested in what people see as his draw backs!

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts/ Help!

  • Definitely a solid buy. Have been toying with the idea of getting him, but decided to check his price after the summer tournaments

  • He's pretty good but people tend to get on him for IPD's, so if you get now wouldn't be a bad thing as he'll go up ready for the beginning of the season

    Jean-Kevin Augustin at Leipzig will get a shot next year with Werner gone, have a little research on him, 21, goal scorer, French international with links to Everton

  • @Uncle-G Yea, i saw him too. Saw a link with Southampton. However, i am not sure if he had a great season when he did play last season? I would assume they would sign a new forward to replace Werner. He is definitely highly rated though!.

  • @NewUser361278 played 30 - scored 8, a lot of games off the bench (obviously Werner & Poulsen start) very young with big potential

  • @Uncle-G Yea, not bad for the amount of game time. 3 goals in 17 league games put me off slightly between the two. Although he does have 3 years on Poulsen!

  • I sold my Poulsen’s yesterday for small profit to reinvest elsewhere but like was said earlier he’s often been bought and sold for the 30 day ipd’s. Could be good to buy now and sell on a matchday if he gets a brace and isn’t gonna get pb. Should see a nice profit that way.

  • One of my favourite players on the index. Still think he is great value. Bangs in goals, plays most games, an international for next summer (if Denmark qualify). As people say he is great for IPD which means he should rise before the end of the summer. If not flip him and enjoy the IPD dividends.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, i feel like im using the right rationale when looking at players now. Ive gone in for 200 shares.... fingers crossed (Ive heard it is better for small portfolios to go bigger on fewer players).

  • I've got good PB off him, one of my first buys and I'm still holding.

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